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Weekly Email 5-13-2013: Santa Felicia


Dear Family,


Sorry about last night. The bishop got stuck in traffic and wasn´t there for me to use his skype and I was kinda stressed trying to figure out how to tell you all that I couldn´t and needed to change the time. But I am exited to talk to you tonight!


On Monday night I got the call that I was being transferred! To Santa Felicia, La Molina, Lima . I was told that I was leaving the next morning at eight thirty in the morning and to hurry and pack. My companion and I were both really shocked! Usually you are trained by the same person for the total 3 months and we didn´t think that the changed would affect us. I was really sad. Especially since my birthday was on Wednesday. We both cried a little bit! Huanuco is the best and I was really sad to leave our investigators and the members there. So Tuesday I spend the whole day on the bus and arrived in Lima that night. My area is beautiful. I live 8 minutes from the temple and walk by it mulitiple times a day. I am in a very wealthy area. It couldn´t be more different from Huanuco! My pensionist is the Bishop´s wife. Their house is across from the temple. Its really wierd trying to adjust to the change. Its very different here. The people are not as humble and willing to listen. I go from the dirt poor people in Huanuco to sitting in rich and fine dining rooms. Its wierd. Ha ha it has kinda been rough. But nevertheless, I like my new area and ward. A lot of the teachers that work in the CCM are in this ward so its kinda nice to know someone.


My birthday was good! I ate lots of cake. The hermanas in my zone bought my some cake and later we had tres leches at the Bishop´s and they sang me happy birthday in english. Before I left Huanuco too. Hermana Lili and her family sang me happy birthday and all gave me little speechs. They also bought me cake for the road. So it was good!


Haha there are some strange people in Lima! There is a crazy lady that walks around with her crazy hair! She is not all there is the brain. I think she is posessed by the devil. She pointed at me all creepy and basically said YOU ARE NOT OF OUR KIND! ahhhhh… She hissed it all creepy like. Ha ha and some loco kissed Hermana Soliz on the cheek and was kissing our hands! She was freaking out and I was laughing my head off and then we ran away. Oh yeah I forgot. My companion is Hermana Soliz. She is from Bolivia. She is way cool! We are a lot like. She likes art and music and finished her degree in architecture. Well I will talk to you more tonight! Loves,


Hermana Brittany Polatis


Lili and her family. The best family in Huanuco! Our sad goodbye at the bus station. They came to set me off and sing me happy Birthday.