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First Letter From Brittany! 2-14-2012: I am here!!!

Hey everybody!
So I just got here! I got out of the airport looking for who guy that was supposed to pick me up. I see this guy with a sign that says poloti Brittani. I am thinking well that has to be me so I walk up to him and start asking him questions. Only to find out that he doesn´t speak english. So it was a very quiet car ride here. Walking out of the airport it is very hot and muggy and smells like the fair. The drive through the city was insane! We just wound through the streets for like an hour and a half. I swear I almost died! There are people that stand in between the cars selling cookies and all sorts of things. There are jugglers that juggle at stop lights. People just drive pretty much where ever they want to.
Upon getting to the mtc this guard opens the gate for us and they give me my keys and point to a building and basically just tell me to go. They didn´t tell me anything else. They did give me a schedule. So I just start walking to this building that they tell me to go to and another sister helped me with my bags and helped me find my room. Finally someone that speaks English! I am still really confused… They don´t really tell you where to go or what to do… The sister that helped me just said I could go write my family. She said she has been here for 2 weeks and doesn´t have a companion. This definelty isn´t Provo… I should probably go now they didn´t tell me how long I have but everyone is leaving the computer lab and its basically just me.
Love ya!
Hermana Polatis