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Weekly email 6.30.2014

Dear fam,

Nice to hear about all the events of the week.
This week my companion went to Lima, again!! Because last time they messed up on her papers and so she had to go back. And once again I got left alone… Luckily I found a member to go with me for 3 days.
Things are good! We really do have some great investigators but they all drive me crazy! First there is Lorenzo, the old guy with a cane. He doesn’t want to get baptised even though he knows its all true.He says that he will fall into temptation because he used to drink a lot a lot a lot! Yesterday we found him drinking and kinda took him by surprise…. We went with an RM to visit him and the guy took hold of the whole lesson and pretty much destroyed it too. He went at him with the Word od Wisdom before we could even get a word in. We just sat there while he talked. I was super angry because some RMs still think that they are missionaries and take over everything. By the end the lesson, Lorenzo was in tears and told us that we could come everyday. I have never seen him like I saw him yesterday… but maybe it’s what he needed so that he can truly repent.
Another investigator that we have is the daughter of a member. She decided that she didn’t want to come to church she has strange dreams and maybe that means the church isn’t true! We have to work with her.
And then there is Carlos! He is so awesome but then it comes to Sunday and he doesn’t pick up his phone and we don’t know where he is at.
Another week to work hard!!!
Until next week!
Love you all!
Hermana Polatis

Weekly email 3.10.2014


Oh Dear family,

I am but a loner now. I am getting a new companion but not till Wednesday…. Transfers!!! These past 6 weeks have gone by soooooooo fast. I can´t believe that it is time for transfers again. I finally understand what people say when they say that the mission really does fly by in a moment. So here I am, my loner self. I might be training again because there is another big group of Hermanas coming but I will find out tonight!

This week we dropped a lot of investigators and went out to find. Our area is quite small but the mountain is huge. So we went climbing this week. My calfs are pretty sore! We contacted the whole world… ha ha well not quite but we went to new hieghts and climbed stairs that I have never climbed before. And we found some good results. We met this super awesome kid named Johnathan and his cousin Ruth. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation. Its the best when you teach people and they just look so entirely shocked and blown away by everything that you say. I asked him if he thinks that we existed before this earth? He looked at me dumb founded and said I have no idea. No one had ever asked me that before. He thinks that the Book of Mormon is like the coolest thing ever. I really hope things go well with him. He is only here on the weekends because he works way out in the mountains. You hope everyday in the mission to find people like him.

In contrast, we found this other girl named Vanessa. She is super Catholic but wanted to learn about our church. We taught her about the Book of Mormon. She looked pretty interested but won´t accept it and said that she would never come to our church. I asked her to pray about it. I also asked her, If God answered your prayer and told you that this was the right route for you to go would you listen? She said yes but at the same time refused to read the Book of Mormon. It’s kinda sad. But maybe we planted the smallest of seeds. You find all types in the mission. There is this 13 year old girl that we are teaching named Danuska. The first time we taught her she was super crazy and said that she would never get baptized in the church. But I don´t know what changed but she came to church and has kept coming. She now has a baptismal date. We are just having problems getting permission from her mother. They are super poor and the mom is scared that people in the church are going to discriminate against her. People here think that the ”mormon” church is full of rich people.

I love you all soooooooooooooooo much!

Hermana Polatis

Be tolerant, loving, kind, serve, pray for the needs of those around you and go out and help them.
David A. Bednar



Sunday lunch with my favorite family. Epi, my pensionista and her family. Then the Elders that are also in our ward. Elder Larsen and Elder Guerra. Elder Larsen is from Cali and I know Elder Guerra looks North American but he is from Lima

Sunday lunch with my favorite family. Epi, my pensionista and her family. Then the Elders that are also in our ward. Elder Larsen and Elder Guerra. Elder Larsen is from Cali and I know Elder Guerra looks North American but he is from Lima


me and the beautiful Hermana Sisson. All the Peruvians think that she is a model. I will miss this girl....

me and the beautiful Hermana Sisson. All the Peruvians think that she is a model. I will miss this girl….

Weekly Letter 8.27.2013: oooooooooohhhhh yeah!


Dear Family,


This week we really turned things around! What a week! So after we had our baptisms last Saturday I was really happy but at the same time a little discouaraged because none of our other investigators are really progressing and we can never find them, our appointments always fall through. We haven´t found a lot of new investigators these past few weeks so we went into this last week determined to find lots of new investigators and we did! We found 12 new investigators this week, which is a miracle! Especially here is Tarma because the people here are a little bit more hard hearted and I swear everyone is catholic. We also had a super good week because we also had more lessons than I have ever had in a week. It’s wierd how things work in the mission. Some weeks are amazing and everyone lets you in their door and then the next week you get rejection after rejection. But all the same you keep going.


We also had a surprise visit from the sister coordinators. Right now in the mission there are a lot more sisters coming in so they have called 2 sister coordinators. One of them is my old companion, Sister Soliz. It really lifted my spirits to see my old companion and have other Hermanas around. We are the only Hermanas in our zone which gets pretty boring. They helped us clean out our apartment and then we went out on divisions. I went out with an Hermana named Hermana Bazan. We were looking for the house of a contact that we contacted the other day in the street but were not able to find him. All I knew is that his house was blue with 2 floors. We went down the street to find no blue houses, but this lady comes out of her house asking who we were looking for. She didn´t recognize the name but thought that we were looking for her. Come to find out she is a less active member of the church. She hasn´t been able to come to church since her husband passed away and works Sundays to pay the bills. She has been really struggling and going through a lot of dificulities since her husband passed away. She pretty much cried the whole time that we were there and we were able to answer her prayers. She really needed us in that moment and I know that God sent us to her. Sometimes plans and appointments fall through for a reason. From this experience I have gained a stronger testimony of the holy spirit and that this is God´s work. He will lead us where we need to go sometimes with out us even knowing it. So I spent the day with Hermana Bazan and in the evening I went out with Hermana Soliz! Oh how I have missed my old companion! I learned a lot from going out on divisions. Sometimes we get in a routine of teaching lessons and not people and teaching with them helped me realize that we need to work harder to find the needs of our investigators.


Make your week good! I love you all! Thanks for all the Dear Elders! I finally got a big stack that Lima East Mission forwarded to me! I am now on my way to La Merced for a multizone P day and tomorrow we are having a conference with President Henderson.


Con mucho amor,


Hermana Polatis