Weekly email 8.18.2014: Dog wrestling


Dear family,

Can’t say there is a lot to say about this past week. Probably the best thing that happened was in sacrament meeting yesterday. So pretty much every Sunday there is this dog that just walks around the chapel and does whatever he wants and no one ever does anything. He always comes to all the church activities too. He is one of the members dogs but he looks pretty mangy. But anyway, Elder Cook, from Idaho Falls always gets really mad and always tries to kick him out.This is literaly what happens every Sunday here. So there we were singing to sacrament hymn and Elder Cook is trying to to herd the dog out but he keeps trying to bite his hands off. The dog just goes up on the stand and finally the bishop tells one of the priests to get the dog out. We are singing I know my saviour lives and he is wrestling this dog out the door. I was literaly dying of laughter! Because I am not kidding. He like tackled the dog and hauled him out and then one the the counselors locked the door…. that will sure keep him out. But then of course after the sacrament he finds his way in again. So much for bieng reverent…

My body also decided to get sick this week. Of coarse…. I have been fine this whole time and in my last two weeks my body decides to rebel! So I have a cold and all the people here are convinced that I got sick from drinking cold water because I always have my waterbottle. They all are like freaking out and telling me not to drink cold water and that I am going to die and I will never get better and then they want to buy me pills. People here are crazy… but its kinda funny! Plus people here just know nothing about health….

This week I will hardly even be in my area. I have to go all the way to Lima to stand in line for 2 hours to sign a paper. So that will take about 3 days. But we are also having 2 baptisms on Sunday. One is Nelly that has been going to church for years but finally made the decision to be baptised and Omar who is the punk kid with crazy hairs that we have been teaching.

See you all next week on Wednesday!!!!

Love you lots

Hermana Brittany Polatis


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