Weekly email 8.4.2014


Dear family,

I am so fat… ha ha jk but sometimes we eat so much!! Yesterday I ate 2 lunches and 2 pieces of cake and dinner. In the second lunch, when the lady left a chucked my potatoes off her balcony into the nieghbors yard. That is the good thing about eating outside. Then she brought out another plateof chinese rice and the eggs and chicken tasted wierd, so with my cunning inteligence I asked for water and she left again and threw rest over the wall. I hope the nieghbors have dogs…. People tell me that they are fatting me up to go home and I tell them that it is their fault if I never get married!

So crazy story,,,
S back in May, on mothers day, this guy drove us in his moto to where we were going to talk to you guys on skype. We were talking about the church and stuff and we gave him an invitation. I never saw him again but he ran into a lot of other missionaries. He got invited I dont know how many times and finally he accepted the missionaries. Two sisters have been teaching him but really he lives in our area so two weeks ago they brought him to our ward and gave the reference to us. At first I didn’t recognize him but then he asked me if I remembered him and the moto ride and everything and everything clicked. This week he is getting baptised. He gave up his drinking, partying and girls and has cleaned up quite a bit. We only have to teach him a few things because the other missionaries already taught him almost everything. But I never expected to see him again and he was kinda creepy when we met him. Creepy as in kinda flirty but really he is just overly outgoing and direct. But really some people are so unexpected.

Things are going happy… Time is going by extraordinarily fast. Its kinda scary but good too. People always ask me how I feel to know that I am going home in 3 weeks but honestly I feel pretty normal. Maybe its because we are busy and are preparing 3 more ppl to be baptised and I have to go on lots of splits with other sisters and the list goes on and on. Things are all good. No worries.

I love you all!

Hermana Polatis


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