Weekly email 7.28.4014


Dear family,

Wow! Why hasn’t anyone sent me pictures of Nathan’s homecoming? So unlike our family! I want pictures! Dont worry you wont make me trunky or anything.

Check out this page. All pictures from my mission and my and I made the page too. I am standing I the field with my old comp, hna Ibarra.

We had a super great week!! Lorenzo finally got baptised!!! The person that I never thought would get baptised finally did! We have gone through a lot with him. He kept saying that he hated Huancayo and was going to go back to the jungle. He wouldn’t stop drinking and didn’t want to accept a baptismal date. We have visited him every single day for the past month. He will always be my favorite investigator. For his baptism the members gave him a new, really nice cane and a new sweater. After the baptism he was sitting outside on his step wearing his new sweater and with his new cane in hand. I don’t think I have ever seen a better sight. It kinda made me want to cry because he hardly has anything and he looked super content and happy. The members have really taken him in.

This transfer is going by fast already. We are preparing 2 other people for baptism this month. The first is Neli. Neli is super interesting. She has about 3 years of church attendence but somehow still hasn’t figured out who Joseph Smith is. She never wanted to get baptised before because she likes to dance in these traditional catholic parties but we finally convinced her. We have also got the whole relief society that are visiting her and exciting her to be baptised. She learns really really slow but understands little by little.

We are also working with 19 year old, Omar. He is a reference from a member. She has helped us like crazy with him. He is kinda a hipster punk kid but at the same time religous…. ha ha. He is super smart and has been analyzing every word in the Book of Mormon. The first question he asked us was ”How can we know what church is true?” Could it be any more perfect?

Little by little everything has been working out. I’ve prayed a lot that my last transfer in the field would be something great to remember and that I would be able to give the 18 months that I promised without trunking out. So far its working and God has heard my endless prayers!

I love you all lots.
Have a great week!

Hermana Brittany Polatis

Our little Lorenzo! Isn't he the cutest old man that you have ever seen?

Our little Lorenzo! Isn’t he the cutest old man that you have ever seen?


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