Weekly email 7.21.2014


Dear family,

I hope that doesn’t happen to me when I come home! But I guess there are not typhoons in Peru. My companion showed me pictures of Rexburg flooded today. Mostly just the apartments on the first floors got damaged and I guess they shutdown the Smith building.

So my companion got transfered as we were expecting and my new companion is named, Hna Peters. She is from Oregon and has 6 months in the mission. She is pretty shy and super nice and a hard worker. We started out the transfer well with Kevin’s baptism. I got a call about an hour before the baptism telling me that there wasn’t water in the church… Are mission leader didn’t go fill it up when he was supposed to…. So we borrowed the nieghbors garden hose and started filling the font with that. But then they figured out what the problem was thankfully. The problem was that here in Peru the font just doesn’t fill with warm water. It takes 2 hours to heat. So poor little kevin got baptised in freezing cold water. His poor little body was trembling and when he came back up out of the water he could barely breath because it was so cold. But he is a little trooper and he actually didn’t seem to mind too much.

This week we are having a baptism of our little old man, Lorenzo. He hasn’t been drinking and is so ready to be baptised. After forever of teaching him, he has changed a lot. Things are all well in Huancayo but the cold is setting in a little more everyday. I bought my llama socks so I’m good!


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