Weekly email 6.30.2014

Dear fam,

Nice to hear about all the events of the week.
This week my companion went to Lima, again!! Because last time they messed up on her papers and so she had to go back. And once again I got left alone… Luckily I found a member to go with me for 3 days.
Things are good! We really do have some great investigators but they all drive me crazy! First there is Lorenzo, the old guy with a cane. He doesn’t want to get baptised even though he knows its all true.He says that he will fall into temptation because he used to drink a lot a lot a lot! Yesterday we found him drinking and kinda took him by surprise…. We went with an RM to visit him and the guy took hold of the whole lesson and pretty much destroyed it too. He went at him with the Word od Wisdom before we could even get a word in. We just sat there while he talked. I was super angry because some RMs still think that they are missionaries and take over everything. By the end the lesson, Lorenzo was in tears and told us that we could come everyday. I have never seen him like I saw him yesterday… but maybe it’s what he needed so that he can truly repent.
Another investigator that we have is the daughter of a member. She decided that she didn’t want to come to church she has strange dreams and maybe that means the church isn’t true! We have to work with her.
And then there is Carlos! He is so awesome but then it comes to Sunday and he doesn’t pick up his phone and we don’t know where he is at.
Another week to work hard!!!
Until next week!
Love you all!
Hermana Polatis

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