Weekly email 6.23.2014


Dear family,

I also got my flight plan this week…. its kinda wierd. But time seems to be passing by super fast!

The good news is that we were walking down the street yesterday and saw our x investigator, Lorenzo! We thought he left to live in the jungle but he told us that he never left! We were stoked! But its wierd because he is always sitting outside in the sun and we haven’t seen him for two weeks! He didn’t come to church because he was sick. He now is going to get baptised maybe this week… The problem is that the members are going to the temple and won’t be here so we might do it next week! But he accepted a baptismal date without hesitation.

Basically all of our progressing investigators need to get married! bah… So we are teaching this couple. Oswaldo is 83 and his wife is 53! yeah I know… But despite the age difference they are so cute!!! They have been together for 25 years and dont want to get married….. Well we convinced Oswaldo with our super missionary powers but Dalila escaped when we started talking about it. So thats our goal this week. Dalila has nothing more to keep her from getting baptised… She has a testimony and is super awesome. Oswaldo is old and he doesn’t like to read and likes to sleep. He forgets everything that we teach him… So I am not sure about him.

Things are going better in my area…. still can’t say that we can get our investigators to church. Looks like we need to take out the big guns and use some Alma chapter 5 scriptures… ha ha jk. But really!

The other day we ran into an inactive, returned missionary in the street. She invited us to come and teach her husband. She is super excited because she really wants to go back to church but not alone… He believes in the big bang, reincarnation, all sorts of philosiphy stuff. He loves to read and is a lawyer. He believes in God but more of just some greater bieng. The first time we taught him he was more closed off but the second time he opened up a lot more and really likes the Book of Mormon because he has realized that what he has read in other books that has been like 20 pages long, is also in the book of mormon but condensed down to one verse. Not that people here are dumb or anything but you don’t come across people with quite his intelligence here. His wife bore a super powerful testimony! We hope that he progresses. He told us that he thinks that going to church is super boring… but hopefully his curiosity wins over.

Here is to another week!

Love you all!

Hermana Polatis


My compy and I made pasta for Pday. This is Esperanza. My life basically consists of her hounding me in every meal to eat my food...

My compy and I made pasta for Pday. This is Esperanza. My life basically consists of her hounding me in every meal to eat my food…


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