Weekly email 6.16.2014: Making new friends


Dear Family,

This week went good…despite the lack of progressing investigators, we are teaching a lot a lot and a lot of less actives. I feel like everyday a member is showing us a new house that we need to visit. We are super happy because 6 of our less actives came to church yesterday and one of them got the priesthood. He was super exited. The lack of investigators and investigators coming to church has been pretty discouraging but it was made up when people that haven’t come to church in years came. With some of the less actives we are working with are pretty stubborn but we refuse to move out of their door till they come to church. Not because they dont want to come but because they are scared. Yesterday, we went to to visit an inactive X bishop. He and his family haven’t come to church in years! He told me that he is on vacation. I told him there are no such things as vacations when it comes to the work of God.

This week we also started teaching the daughter of a less active. Her name is Deysi. She has two little girls and is not married… unfortunatly. So hopefully we have a wedding! We always thought she wasn’t interested because she always hid when we went to visit her mom. But one day we saw her in the street and she asked us if we could come help her with a project. Well, now I know way to much about her life now … lets just say its really bad. She told us that she felt like she was dying inside. She told us stuff that she has never told her husband or her mom or anyone… I dont know what makes people trust us so much but they tell us everthing. The other day we went back and helped us wash clothes for 1 and a half hours and with 3 of us we only got half way down. They wash clothes with ice cold water and afterward I couldn’t feel my hands. But here its their everyday reality. We talked with her for a long time while washing clothes. She told us before we left that it had been the best day that she had had in months or maybe in years. She told us that us bieng there gave her hope and energy to make plans, to change, to do everything! All we did was talk and wash clothes. But thats sometimes all people need. To talk. To be listened to. One thing that I have learned is that my problems are so insignificant. Literally. When you serve, you really do forget about yourself. You let go. You realize that a lot of things that you are so concerned about don’t really matter.

While sometimes when I look at my numbers at the end of the week I feel like I haven’t done anything and there is no progress. But really, I feel like I am doing what I can and that I helping people. Maybe baptisms won’t come but that is not the only measure of our work.

I know that more than anything that this church is true.

I love you all.

Hermana Brittany Polatis


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