Weekly email 6.2.2014: Huancavelica


Dear family,

Well I almost died this week. Ha ha not really but I thought I was going to suffocate. I went on an adventure! This week was super crazy for me. On Tuesday we had Leaders Council or whatever they call it in english I dont know. But that was suepr good. We talked about Happiness! The only thing that keeps us from being happy is ourselves. We have the gospel and all the tools. If we are not happy its because we are doing something wrong. Wickness never was happiness.

Another Hermana Leader asked me to go on splits with her. We went to this village out in the boonies, called Huancavelica. Thats what I mean when I thought I was going to die. Its 2.5 hours going around windy mountains as fast as you can listening to some hippy Peruvian, I love you Jesus music. People hear just scream and chant a oh beautiful Jesus, I love you and call it music. Don’t worry I will make you all listen to it when I get back! ha ha ha! Then you will understand. We went up and up and up and up and around and around and around and around. I had to get out of the car three times to barf my guts up. And I almost fainted on the side of the road. And all these dumb peruvians were making fun of me and screaming out their windows ”GRINGA”. And I couldn’t breath because we changed elevation so fast. Despite how awful it was somehow Hna Rhoten and I were still laughing! But I made it alive and after lunch I felt fine again. Like normal. But on the way back I made sure stuff my face with pills! Just kidding, just two. But Huancavelica is so cool. Its tucked up in the mountains of Peru. There are two hermanas there so we went there to visit them and she how they are doing. I basically wasn’t in my area all this week because I had to go on 2, 24 hour splits and was gone for 3 days straight. This is the last week of the transfer so the whole Hna Leader thing kinda caught up to me and I realized I had a lot more things to do than I thought. Wedsday is transfers but I shoudnt be going anywhere.

Our investigator, Lorenzo, that I told you guys about yesterday is doing super well too! He drank once but thats understandable to relapse once when your trying to quit. He actually got to church, all by himself and super early on Sunday. He has a bad leg and walks with his stick. He has to leave early to be able to walk there in time. He is such a cute little old man! We call him our Lorenzo. Well not when he is around…

I can’t believe this transfer is over…! My first companion, Hna Camones went home today. I gave her a big hug and said goodbye. It felt super weird and I don’t want to think of that bieng me yet. Its too scary ha ha… Things are going great with my companion too. She is literaly a different person now. Starting out she was super quiet but now she is crazy and is always playing jokes on me and to our investigators. It has been really cool to see the huge change in her. She likes to scare little dogs on the street and chase them. Its probably the funniest thing ever. We take turns going after little innocent dogs.

Got to go
Love you all lots!

Hermana Polatis


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