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Weekly email 6.30.2014

Dear fam,

Nice to hear about all the events of the week.
This week my companion went to Lima, again!! Because last time they messed up on her papers and so she had to go back. And once again I got left alone… Luckily I found a member to go with me for 3 days.
Things are good! We really do have some great investigators but they all drive me crazy! First there is Lorenzo, the old guy with a cane. He doesn’t want to get baptised even though he knows its all true.He says that he will fall into temptation because he used to drink a lot a lot a lot! Yesterday we found him drinking and kinda took him by surprise…. We went with an RM to visit him and the guy took hold of the whole lesson and pretty much destroyed it too. He went at him with the Word od Wisdom before we could even get a word in. We just sat there while he talked. I was super angry because some RMs still think that they are missionaries and take over everything. By the end the lesson, Lorenzo was in tears and told us that we could come everyday. I have never seen him like I saw him yesterday… but maybe it’s what he needed so that he can truly repent.
Another investigator that we have is the daughter of a member. She decided that she didn’t want to come to church she has strange dreams and maybe that means the church isn’t true! We have to work with her.
And then there is Carlos! He is so awesome but then it comes to Sunday and he doesn’t pick up his phone and we don’t know where he is at.
Another week to work hard!!!
Until next week!
Love you all!
Hermana Polatis

Weekly email 6.23.2014


Dear family,

I also got my flight plan this week…. its kinda wierd. But time seems to be passing by super fast!

The good news is that we were walking down the street yesterday and saw our x investigator, Lorenzo! We thought he left to live in the jungle but he told us that he never left! We were stoked! But its wierd because he is always sitting outside in the sun and we haven’t seen him for two weeks! He didn’t come to church because he was sick. He now is going to get baptised maybe this week… The problem is that the members are going to the temple and won’t be here so we might do it next week! But he accepted a baptismal date without hesitation.

Basically all of our progressing investigators need to get married! bah… So we are teaching this couple. Oswaldo is 83 and his wife is 53! yeah I know… But despite the age difference they are so cute!!! They have been together for 25 years and dont want to get married….. Well we convinced Oswaldo with our super missionary powers but Dalila escaped when we started talking about it. So thats our goal this week. Dalila has nothing more to keep her from getting baptised… She has a testimony and is super awesome. Oswaldo is old and he doesn’t like to read and likes to sleep. He forgets everything that we teach him… So I am not sure about him.

Things are going better in my area…. still can’t say that we can get our investigators to church. Looks like we need to take out the big guns and use some Alma chapter 5 scriptures… ha ha jk. But really!

The other day we ran into an inactive, returned missionary in the street. She invited us to come and teach her husband. She is super excited because she really wants to go back to church but not alone… He believes in the big bang, reincarnation, all sorts of philosiphy stuff. He loves to read and is a lawyer. He believes in God but more of just some greater bieng. The first time we taught him he was more closed off but the second time he opened up a lot more and really likes the Book of Mormon because he has realized that what he has read in other books that has been like 20 pages long, is also in the book of mormon but condensed down to one verse. Not that people here are dumb or anything but you don’t come across people with quite his intelligence here. His wife bore a super powerful testimony! We hope that he progresses. He told us that he thinks that going to church is super boring… but hopefully his curiosity wins over.

Here is to another week!

Love you all!

Hermana Polatis


My compy and I made pasta for Pday. This is Esperanza. My life basically consists of her hounding me in every meal to eat my food...

My compy and I made pasta for Pday. This is Esperanza. My life basically consists of her hounding me in every meal to eat my food…

Weekly email 6.16.2014: Making new friends


Dear Family,

This week went good…despite the lack of progressing investigators, we are teaching a lot a lot and a lot of less actives. I feel like everyday a member is showing us a new house that we need to visit. We are super happy because 6 of our less actives came to church yesterday and one of them got the priesthood. He was super exited. The lack of investigators and investigators coming to church has been pretty discouraging but it was made up when people that haven’t come to church in years came. With some of the less actives we are working with are pretty stubborn but we refuse to move out of their door till they come to church. Not because they dont want to come but because they are scared. Yesterday, we went to to visit an inactive X bishop. He and his family haven’t come to church in years! He told me that he is on vacation. I told him there are no such things as vacations when it comes to the work of God.

This week we also started teaching the daughter of a less active. Her name is Deysi. She has two little girls and is not married… unfortunatly. So hopefully we have a wedding! We always thought she wasn’t interested because she always hid when we went to visit her mom. But one day we saw her in the street and she asked us if we could come help her with a project. Well, now I know way to much about her life now … lets just say its really bad. She told us that she felt like she was dying inside. She told us stuff that she has never told her husband or her mom or anyone… I dont know what makes people trust us so much but they tell us everthing. The other day we went back and helped us wash clothes for 1 and a half hours and with 3 of us we only got half way down. They wash clothes with ice cold water and afterward I couldn’t feel my hands. But here its their everyday reality. We talked with her for a long time while washing clothes. She told us before we left that it had been the best day that she had had in months or maybe in years. She told us that us bieng there gave her hope and energy to make plans, to change, to do everything! All we did was talk and wash clothes. But thats sometimes all people need. To talk. To be listened to. One thing that I have learned is that my problems are so insignificant. Literally. When you serve, you really do forget about yourself. You let go. You realize that a lot of things that you are so concerned about don’t really matter.

While sometimes when I look at my numbers at the end of the week I feel like I haven’t done anything and there is no progress. But really, I feel like I am doing what I can and that I helping people. Maybe baptisms won’t come but that is not the only measure of our work.

I know that more than anything that this church is true.

I love you all.

Hermana Brittany Polatis

Weekly email 6.9.2014

Dear family,

Well you know that cute little old guy that I was telling you about that was going to get baptised…. well of coarse he decides to move the week of his baptism because the altitude and the cold here are kinda killing him. He is originally from the jungle so he is going back there so he can die peacefully or something. But he are sending his reference on to the elders there in hopes that he still keeps going to church and stuff. And there goes our only progressing investigator….. Kinda depressing but its ok. All our other investigators are all kinda wishy washy. But we do have this really cool investigator named Carlos. We havent been able to teach him in two weeks because he is always so busy working and stuff but we stopped by his house yesterday and he was leaving to work but he has been reading the Book of Mormon. He told us that somebody keeps telling him to keep reading. He keeps having dreams of someone in white that keeps telling him to keep reading. I know in our culture we dont ever really talk about having dreams but hear its a lot different. People here always have these crazy dreams. But he is super awesome and a super open investigator.
Despite having lack of success with our investigators, our mission is to rescue less actives. I don’t know about other missions but in mine our president counts what is called ”a rescued” less active as a baptism. Or its equal to a baptism. We teach them all the lessons, they have to get interviewed by the bishop, and they have to come to church 2 or three times. We get them back on track with a calling and visiting teachers. We have about 8 families assigned to us by the bishop that we are working with. On Sunday we got out to pick them up for church. So that is what we are really focusing on too is the less actives because there are like a billion of them… Our ward had an activity on Sunday called the rescue. We all met in the church and went out in companionships with lists of less actives. And it turned out really good. We even got references from it.
Love you all!
Have a great week!
Hermana Polatis
Mary (a member) me and my compy! I helped mary pass her english class! We made a video talking in english

Mary (a member) me and my compy!
I helped mary pass her english class! We made a video talking in english


Got to drink my Hornimans... The best part is that peruvians have no idea...

Got to drink my Hornimans… The best part is that peruvians have no idea…


Yeah I dont know what happened either. I think all the rice went to my thighs... ha ha

Yeah I dont know what happened either. I think all the rice went to my thighs… ha ha

Weekly email 6.2.2014: Huancavelica


Dear family,

Well I almost died this week. Ha ha not really but I thought I was going to suffocate. I went on an adventure! This week was super crazy for me. On Tuesday we had Leaders Council or whatever they call it in english I dont know. But that was suepr good. We talked about Happiness! The only thing that keeps us from being happy is ourselves. We have the gospel and all the tools. If we are not happy its because we are doing something wrong. Wickness never was happiness.

Another Hermana Leader asked me to go on splits with her. We went to this village out in the boonies, called Huancavelica. Thats what I mean when I thought I was going to die. Its 2.5 hours going around windy mountains as fast as you can listening to some hippy Peruvian, I love you Jesus music. People hear just scream and chant a oh beautiful Jesus, I love you and call it music. Don’t worry I will make you all listen to it when I get back! ha ha ha! Then you will understand. We went up and up and up and up and around and around and around and around. I had to get out of the car three times to barf my guts up. And I almost fainted on the side of the road. And all these dumb peruvians were making fun of me and screaming out their windows ”GRINGA”. And I couldn’t breath because we changed elevation so fast. Despite how awful it was somehow Hna Rhoten and I were still laughing! But I made it alive and after lunch I felt fine again. Like normal. But on the way back I made sure stuff my face with pills! Just kidding, just two. But Huancavelica is so cool. Its tucked up in the mountains of Peru. There are two hermanas there so we went there to visit them and she how they are doing. I basically wasn’t in my area all this week because I had to go on 2, 24 hour splits and was gone for 3 days straight. This is the last week of the transfer so the whole Hna Leader thing kinda caught up to me and I realized I had a lot more things to do than I thought. Wedsday is transfers but I shoudnt be going anywhere.

Our investigator, Lorenzo, that I told you guys about yesterday is doing super well too! He drank once but thats understandable to relapse once when your trying to quit. He actually got to church, all by himself and super early on Sunday. He has a bad leg and walks with his stick. He has to leave early to be able to walk there in time. He is such a cute little old man! We call him our Lorenzo. Well not when he is around…

I can’t believe this transfer is over…! My first companion, Hna Camones went home today. I gave her a big hug and said goodbye. It felt super weird and I don’t want to think of that bieng me yet. Its too scary ha ha… Things are going great with my companion too. She is literaly a different person now. Starting out she was super quiet but now she is crazy and is always playing jokes on me and to our investigators. It has been really cool to see the huge change in her. She likes to scare little dogs on the street and chase them. Its probably the funniest thing ever. We take turns going after little innocent dogs.

Got to go
Love you all lots!

Hermana Polatis