Weekly email 5.26.2014


Dear family,

So Alanna asked me to tell where my member companion is going on her mission. She is going to Santa Cruz, Bolivia and is really exited!

My comp got back from Lima on Wednesday and thank heavens. I do not like bieng alone with a member. They cause craziness and stress in my life. We went to visit members and it turned into a gossip session about the ward. Constantly on her phone. Leaving lessons to talk on the phone. Almost making me miss my curfew. Always coming late. I was soooo happy when my compy came back. I realize now the importance of all the rules we have and then you have to leave your home life behind because we almost got nothing done with her. But all is well now!

So we have this cute, little old man investigator. His name is Lorenzo. Actually, I didn’t think that he was that cute when I first saw him. The first time I saw him, he was wasted in the street and all dirty. I was actually kinda disgusted and tried to avoid him. Especially because there are so many drunks here that you have to be careful. But anyway, we started teaching his neighbor, Marianela. She invited him to come and listen to us too. It went pretty well. Our second lesson with him was absolutely horrible. He wouldn’t stop quoting the bible and going off on tangets and we could barely get a word in. It was a really really bad lesson. I never wanted to go back and never thought that he would progress. Well, we ended up teaching him again with his nieghbor and he still quoted the bible a lot and went off sometimes but it was fine and he actually listened to what we had to say. Then he started to clean up more and do his hair. Then he started coming to church and this week he stopped drinking. Really its a miracle! He is the last person that I thought we would teach and that would progress and he agreed to get baptised the 14th of june! We just have to pray that he can keep from drinking. He has been having really bad headaches and having troubles breathing. He is really feeling the side effects of his addiction. I guess I should learn not to judge people too fast but see them as they can become. You have to really believe that they are going to progress.

Speaking of old men. Yesterday, we were in a hurry and walking really fast and I look over and this old guy is racing us! He was walking as fast as he could to keep up with us and he was looking over with his tongue all out! ha ha ha!

Love you all!

Hermana Polatis


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