Weekly email 5.20.2014: Huatapallana!


Dear family,

This week was sparkles and an emotional rollercoaster. So get this. Our investigator, Marlene received the Holy Ghost on Sunday. She was exited and got there early. We sat down by here and she mentioned that she hadnt been feeling well but said that she was better. So she goes up and gets the spirit and is coming back and looks kinda funny and was walking really slowly. She was barely able to sit down and she passes out cold. I called to her and nothing. Everyone kinda started freaking out and luckily there is a nurse in the ward. We couldn’t get her to wake out and she was convulsing. We ended up having to take her to the hospital. She was just really overcome with the spirit… wink wink… like king Lamoni. No actually she is pretty sick… poor thing.

You are probably also wandering why I didnt write yesterday. We got permission to go to this place called Huatapallana. We left at 8 in the morning and were there for all of our Pday. It takes about an hour to drive there and then you have to hike for 3 hours to get there. Its basically these huge snow covered mountains and there are a bunch of really pretty lagoons. It was one the coolest, most beautiful places I have been, Its like your in the clouds. It snowed and I felt like I was back for a winter in Idaho. It was a pretty crazy hike because its super hard to breath with the elevation being so high. Today I am feeling the soreness….

I had a pretty normal week. I went on splits with some other Hermanas. Its kinda nice to just be the one that follows the other one around and not have to worry about anything because its already planned out. It makes me want to go back to jr comp. It was fun! My comp left me for a few days. I am with a member named myumi. She just got her mission call yesterday but hasnt opened it yet! She is driving me crazy because I want to know where she is going. She said that she is waiting till Sunday! But my companion will get back tomorrow. She had to go to Lima to do immagrations.

Most of our investigators aren’t really progressing. We couldnt get anyone to come to church yesterday, despite or diligent efforts. But things are coming along slowly. Its just been really hard to find people and its really hard to go around thier work and school schedule. But things just take time. Just have to keep praying and working. The one thing that I have seen on my mission is that people will take you by surprise when you least expect it.


Hermana Polatis


This was Pday yesterday!

This was Pday yesterday!

oh you know... just over here meditating on this rock surrounded by nature

oh you know… just over here meditating on this rock surrounded by nature

So we went hiking yesterday. It was awesome! I saw snow for the first time here in Peru.

So we went hiking yesterday. It was awesome! I saw snow for the first time here in Peru.

The sights

The sights


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