Weekly email 4.13.2014


Dear family,

So good to talk to you all! Yesterday was super happy because I got to talk to you and we had Marlene’s baptism. Marlene was a reference from a member named Carmen. I think Carmen was just as exited as Marlene for the baptism. Carmen and Marlene both bore their testimonies and cried from happiness. If it wasn’t for Carmen, we would have not found Marlene. We also took Marlene to the family history class so that she can go to the temple on the 23rd of May with the stake to do baptisms for her family. The stake is paying for all the converts to go to the temple as long as they submit one name to the temple. She is so exited and planning on going. Things weren’t going very well for her before we met her, especially with her family. She is a single mom and has 2 sons. She is trying really hard to unite her family and exited to do her family history since both of her parents died.

We also had a conference this past week on my birthday. The President asked if we could all come fasting and after the conference he bought us all lunch. The mission is kinda like high school sometimes… especially since they lower the age. There is a lot of mission gossip and the President is tired of it. So thats part of what we talked about. Because missionaries are perfect and there is sometimes a lot of disobience and everyone begins to talk. But the 2nd commandment is to love your nieghbor as yourself but sometimes we break that commandment by talking and spreading gossip. Or we talk bad about the wards that we are in or about our leaders. We all have to be super careful about what we say and do. People see, hear, and spread the word. Sometimes we forget who we really are and what we are really here to do. If we focus more on becoming like Christ we will always treat others well. Sheri Dew said in one of her books that you can tell if someone is a disciple of Christ in the way that they treat others. Your actions reflect who you really are inside and what you think about. I am learning to treat people better and smile more and love people like they are my best friend. Sometimes its hard and it takes work to understand others and their needs but with God’s help we can be filled with this charity.

Thanks for all the letters and love,

Hermana Polatis


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