Weekly email 4.28.2014: Hay Cambios


Dear Family,

I have so much to tell you. So I did get transferred this week. President called me monday night and once again told me ”Sorry Hna Polatis but I am asking you to train again and you will be opening up a new area in Huancayo.” And to add to that I just got informed today that I have been called as an Hermana leader or cordinator. So basically I am like a zone leader but for the hermanas. I have to go on a lot of divisions and I have to take take of sick hermanas of take care of the things that they need. All my new responsibilities are pretty overwhelming for me. But so far I am just getting started.

My new companion is Hna Cortez from Bolivia. She is 19 years old and pretty quiet. (but I will change that…. ha ha ha… I will convert her into a crazy). We got to our new area and everthing was a mess. Our new apt. wasn’t ready and we basically had nothing but now everthing is good but have no phone or cell phone and its no fun. Things are working themselves out slowly though.

Opening an area really makes you have to walk blindly with all the faith you have. Especially because my companion is new and just follows me and I just have to follow the spirit. Luckily we were able to find a bunch of new investigators and we have members go with us to show us the limits and were the members live. We divided our area with our district leader so they also helped us the first few days. I have lots of work to do this transfer!

Huancayo is cold and has a really high altitude. Its very different from Huanuco. Its a lot bigger and more modern. You don’t quite see so much poverty. A lot of the members actually have cars. I was in my old area for so long thats it was really hard to leave but my new ward seems pretty cool so far and its nice to have a change in scenery. I am afraid I cant spell sorry…

I love you all a lot! Sorry I will send pictures next week of my new comp and apartment! Thanks for all the letters!

Hermana Brittany Polatis


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