Weekly email 4.21.2014: La Semana Santa


Dear Family,

So this week was good we had interviews this week with President and it was also the Holy Week. On Thursday and Friday no one worked. Huanuco looked deserted…We hardly had any lessons.

You know those 13 crosses that I told you about before that go up this mountain in my area? Well its true. On Friday they crucified Jesus. We didn’t see it but the Elders in our area said that they saw him walking up the hill with the cross on his back. They said it looked really real. They had people dressed up as Romans that were whipping him. Every time he fell and would try to get up again they could whip him again. They even have a Mary that goes after them crying. So messed up! I just saw the swarms of people. There were thousands of people that came to watch. Its so big here.

In my interview with President it was kinda funny. We were talking and then he gets this big grin on his face and says you have a really interesting personality… What? He told me that I am so gentle and kind but that I have a back bone. A peeler. I choose to take that as a compliment. Lets just say I tell things like they are to Pres. He is the best President!

The days seemed long this week. It was hard to find investigators and just anyone at all. But Saturday and Sundaywe had really good days. So we have this investigator that is named Helen. She is so amazing! I met her way back in December. We had amazing lessons with her but then she would always fall through on her apts. and would never come to church even though she lives right in front of it! Then she went to Lima and we dropped her. She got back and we started to teach her again but then had to drop her again because she just was never there. But once again found her in the street and she wanted us to come. We had the most amazing lesson with her though. We found out all her fears and worked through them with her because she really has a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph smith. At the end of the lesson she was crying and gave me a big hug and said, ”thanks for understanding me.” She came to a baptism that day and the next day came to church. I learned that all people really want is to feel understood. Sometimes you just have to start listening more and shut your mouth. It was one of the best lessons in my mission until now.

I had going away dinners this week. I have been in the area for 6 months and everyone is saying goodbye… its kinda been sad but transfers are this week and so 99% chance of getting transfered.

Got to go!
Love you all

Hermana Polatis


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