Weekly email 4/7/2014: La conferencia general!


Dear family…

Hello once again! Wasn’t conference so great! I loved it. We didn’t get a ton of work done Saturday or Sunday. Just ate food and watched conference! I like it! I thought how cool it was to see all the patterns in the talks. Many of the talks were themed about the exact same thing and many of the same scriptures were used. I noticed that they talked so much about standing up for your faith and preparing yourself to do so. We must go against the popular public opinion. The world might change but our religion never will! They also talked so much about bieng obidient and mentioned twice about the story when Joseph Smith lost the 116 pages. I really do feel that they are preparing us for some crazy stuff. And its true. Nicole updates me on a lot of things that are going on in the U.S. that really have shocked me. It the short time that I have been on my mission so much has happened. My favorite talk was by Elder Uchtdorf about gratitude. We shouldn’t just be grateful FOR things. Gratitude is a disposition. We need to have a grateful heart like Nephi. He also said that gratitude is the catalyst for all christ like attributes. Thats want I really loved!
My companion went to Lima again for immagrations…I always get left alone! But I went out with, who is now my good friend here, Medalit. She is like my favorite Peruvian! She is a young woman in the ward.She studies in the mornings but went out to work with me every afternoon. And then I was on splits with other missionaries for the rest of the time. My companion barely got back alive. There are so many rockslides and they had to get out of the bus and start walking over all the rocks to get to the next town to find a car to take them back to Huanuco. I told my mission President today that the mission should just a plane! Hopefully he likes my advice! It would make traveling so much easier here. Since we are so high in the mountains there are always problems.

Can’t say I have too much more news for this week. But sometimes its very interesting to be a missionary and a white girl in a foriegn country. Sometimes people make things really akward and want you to come back and marry their family members and your there just trying to teach them about Jesus but they won’t stop asking you questions about if you have a boyfriend and if you can have one. The mission never gets boring here. There is always someone insane, drunk, or gringa crazy in the street or behind the door that you just knocked on!

Well goodbye for now. I am going to hike up a huge mountain today, where there is this giant cross!


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