Weekly letter 3-31-2014



This week….

Well we had some super dificult days and then it started getting better. We had a day when we couldn´t find a single person to teach. All were not home or they said that they didn´t have time and to come back another day…. super bummer. We had two days like that but then things started looking up. It’s been really hard to help our investigators progress. Everyone is so busy with life, school, work. But the plan is to get all of them to come to conference. Yesterday, an RM went out teaching with us and he told us that they hadn´t had baptisms for awhile and were having a hard time helping their investigators progress. Their mission president promised them that if they got their investigators to conference that it would solve their problems and doubts and that they would get baptised. So they worked super hard and got 11 investigators to come and of those 11 all 11 got baptised! For me it was a super amazing and inspiring story and I really hope that we can get our investigators there! I am super excited for conference. We got to go to the Women’s conference. It was super good!

Things are just going ok right now… Half the time we can’t find our investigators. I don’t know if its just here or everywhere but people are so wishy washy. Is it bad to call your investigators dead beats… Just kidding…. I only do it sometimes! I really like them and all but they drive me crazy. I am learning lots of patience. I probably shouldn´t call people dead beats.

We did find this really cool investigator named Johnathan. I think that I told you about him. We’ve only taught him once and then he didn’t come back to Huanuco for like 2 weeks but then we found him again on Saturday and invited him to church and he came! With out us having to even try and convince him! He is pretty much golden except for the fact that he is only here on Saturday and Sunday. But hopefully things work out ok.

Other news… we finally got a ward mission leader. Its makes things so much easier. I never knew how important it was before. The mission has been so good for me because it has opened my eyes to so many things. I can now go back home and be a lot better ward member because I now understand how the ward works and how hard it is when people in the ward don´t do thier part.

The rainy season is over now…. or almost. That will be good because since we are the mountains, when it rains there are lots of rock slides. It’s now nice and hot!

Its been a tough week but right when I think that I am at my breaking point God always gives me a tender mercy. He always gives us something to lift our spirits so that things don´t seem too bad.

Well, Until next week!


Hermana Polatis


The dreaded stairs.... dun dun dunnnn...

The dreaded stairs…. dun dun dunnnn…


My little birdy friend

My little birdy friend


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