Weekly email 3.24.2014: The baptism the almost didn’t make it…dun dun dun!



Greeting from the boonies!

So sorry I guess that you didn’t get my letter from last week! I don`t know what happened but I found it in my drafts. So you get to read 2 this weeks. So this week we found 8 new investigators but like five of them aren`t married. Yep. Story of my life. Its just super hard to help them progress. Especially since their husbands are never home. The guys here are also super into drinking and its the hardest to get them to listen. But the work keeps moving on. We have a lot of investigators. We just can’t get any of them to progress. It doesn’t matter how well you explain things. Some people just don’t care. Thats the most frustrating part. This week we went and visited a less active. He almost brought me to tears. We couldn’t figure out what his problem was or how to help him so I kinda started asking him bolder questions like if he was mad at God. He told us that he wasn`t mad at God but he hopes that God never thinks of him and he does not want to think of God either. It was probably one of the saddest lessons that I have ever been in. He wouldn`t even pray at the end. But we challenged him to pray and he said that he would try. Seeing such hopelessness breaks your heart.

But on the brighter side. We had a baptism this week. Her name is Danuska and she is 13 years old. So she was super exited about her baptism and we stopped by her house in the afternoon to tell her when we were coming to pick her up. So we show up 2 hours later to get her and first her brothers tell us that she is not there. But then they shut the door and then she opens it. Relief…. Everyone here lies to us like crazy. But then she tells us that she is not coming… What?????!! She told us that her mother didn`t want her to, which also was a lie. But we couldn`t give up too easy and got her mom to come to the door and her sister. What happened is that her mother said yes but said that she wouldn`t be coming to the baptism because she was washing clothes! So Danuska was sad and didn`t want to get baptised anymore. But its like really lady! Your going to pick washing clothes over your daughter’s baptism. So we used your missionary power and got her mom to come and her sister and a bunch of her friends and everything turned out great! The end!!!!

Love you all! bye

Love, Hermana Polatis

Noche de Blanco

Noche de Blanco



There are giant cactus plants here. All over in the mountains

There are giant cactus plants here. All over in the mountains

This is part of my area. Look at the little sheeps!

This is part of my area. Look at the little sheeps!


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