Weekly email 3.3.2014


Dear Family,

I got sick part of this week with a stomach infection so all we could do was just hang around the apartment and I just laid in bed all day. I know! Exciting right. So the work went pretty darn slow this week…. I mean really slow. Thats the toughest part. Not working makes you feel kinda crazy! You’d think that it would be a nice break to lay in your bed all day but no…

We are working with some pretty interesting cases right now. We have this really awesome investigator named Percy. But the thing is that he got robbed of his phone and we only generally know where he lives because we always teach him in the church. So we have to go hunt him down this week. We also have these two really awesome girls that we are teaching. They are references of a member. The problem is that they don’t live in our area but don’t want to go to the other ward because when they went no one even bothered to say hi to them so we are trying to get special permission to teach them and baptize them in our ward. We tried to tell them that they needed to go to their own ward but they don’t want to. I had a really interesting talk with my Zone leader about it because he told me no. But my question is? Do we live for law or principle? Here we have people that really want to be apart of the church but we are not going to let them get baptized because they won’t go where we want them to. Its really hard… I can understand the rules because I have been a member all my life but I don’t think that we should turn someone away from baptism just because they won`t go to the right ward.

We are also teaching a woman named Cessy and her daughter Digna. They are super awesome and super receptive but its been really hard for us to get them to church. Right now it seems that we are dealing with really hard situations. But I know that if we work hard and do our part that God will bring us miracles.

I also went on divisions this week with Hermana Whitlock. She is almost done with her training. It was fun. We got creeped on by wierdos that wanted our personal number and to one day make us lunch. Have I mentioned how creepy some people are here? Getting creeped on is a daily occurrence here… But anyway… we went and taught one of her investigators the law of chastity. And he is just kinda slow and didn’t understand. We had to teach it like five times!! Its like how much clearer can I get than DON’T have sexual relations before marriage and keep your mind clean. It was kinda funny. But he said that he would read the pamphlet so….

Despite the fact that this transfer has been super hard I have learned a lot this transfer. I have learned to just do it. Keep going. Sometimes that’s all that we can do. As President Monson said ”In this cause we will go forth changing and blessing the lives of others.” Whether it be the lives of members, investigators, less actives, or our companions.

Until next week!


Hermana Brittany Polatis


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