Weekly email 2.24.2014: Whats up?


Dear Family,


Well thank heavens carnival is over. I am sick of dodging teenagers with water balls and chalk. Yesterday, was the last day and they attack everyone. But we escaped into the mountains and visited members all afternoon to avoid the craziness down below.


This week my pensionistas daughter got married. Here they have to get married civilly first and then they go to the temple. So we stopped by their wedding. Our pensionista is the best and so is her family. Her husband kinda reminds me of dad. The other day he was with his daughter and he asked me if his daughter looked like him. I said, ”yeah.” ha ha and he said ”yeah she is pretty ugly uh!” He always tells mean jokes and is super funny.


Also this week something super epic happened. I ate mac and cheese and a brownie for the first time in a year! I realized that Peruvians don’t eat sugar. Sometimes we eat jello or flan. I couldn’t even finish the brownie it was so sweet. Plus I also ate fruit salad with sprinkles on it. We had a different pensionista this week because mine went to Lima so we ate super delicous! I know for all of you its really not that big of deal but you don’t understand that I am in the boonies of Peru… ha ha. We also had a P day with the President last week then a multi zone conference. We went and played soccer. If you look on the blog you will see pictures! Then we got to watch a disney movie, BRAVE! We used to not be able to watch movies but the Pres is softening up a bit! So sometimes we get to.


We are preparing for a few baptisms for this next month. So we have been teaching this lady, Patricia for like 4 months right! And she is so awesome and yet so crazy. We finally got her to acept a baptismal date and we were so exited! And then i called her… and she was like oh yeah I am leaving and not coming back till March 2! Her date was for March 1. She makes me crazy but I love her to death and I don’t know why! She always bails out on us yet I can’t find it in my heart to drop her! We just need to help her not smack her kids around so much. She talks to us all sweetly and all the sudden starts slapping her kids and yelling at them and then back to talking to us all sweetly… Its kinda funny. Well except the part that she treats her kids like crap. She will get baptised! someday… ha ha and we will get her to stop slapping her children around.


In the Zone conference we talked a lot about being Preach my Gospel missionaries and how Preach my Gospel helps us to become. We all start out the mission with lots of different fears and weaknesses but preach my gospel is inspired of God and it helps us be the missionaries that we need to be. And really its true. I started out the mission, super scared and felt kinda akward. Not knowing what to say or to do but I have come a long long long long way. Its best thing to look back and see who you were and who you are now. It makes me super grateful that I made the decision to be where I am right now. Thanks for helping me get here family! I love you all lots.


Make your week great!




Hermana Brittany Polatis


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