Weekly email 2.17.2014


Dear Family,


So this week we have just really been working on finding new investigators. We went hiking up the hills or Huanuco to find them too. So many stinkin stairs… But my goal is to make it all the way to the top. People build there houses out in the booneys because they don’t have any money to do it anywhere else. And we actually found some really cool people. Its kinda a different world. I can actually say that I sort of enjoy contacting here. Starting my mission that was probably the hardest thing to do for me but now its pretty chill. Plus is easier to contact the poorer people because they are super humble and at least listen and then reject you!


But yeah this week was pretty chill. Just preaching the word unto the people of Peru! For some reason my mind is really blank when it comes to remembering what happened this week…. Valentine’ day was boring. They don’t really celebrate it here. But anyway… Its my time to get off anyway.


Sorry for the super short email this week! But nothing really happened this week and I spend a lot of time reading emails today.


But have a great week!


Love you all,


Hermana Brittany Polatis




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