Weekly email 2.10,2014


Dear peeps at home,


So looks like there is lots of good news from home. Happy to hear about my new little niece! I have good news too!


This week was pretty crazy! On Febuary 7th we had a wedding and a baptism. Then on Febuary 8th we had another baptism. We completed our goal for the month in the first 2 weeks. We are now starting to see all the fruits of our labors.


The wedding was a Yessi and Abraham. I am pretty sure I have told you about them before. Abraham was already a member of the true but his family was inactive. Yessi was living with him. And well one day we didn´t know what to do and ended up at their front door because we knew that members lived there. Now that I look back on it I realize that it was so meant to be. A member of the ward told us that before when the missionaries went to talk with her she pretty much slammed the door in their faces. I dont really know what made the difference when we came but I think it was just the right time. Abraham also used to not want anything really to do with the church. He admitted to us that he used to only go to Seminary for the activities. Then with getting sick and all he started to see the importance of everything and the church. They are now married and all in love and Yessi got baptised and confirmed a member of the church.


Irma also got baptised this week. Irma is a lady just loaded down with burdens. We started teaching her, thinking that she was a less active member of the church but then to later to find out that she wasn’t even a member. She lives in a house with people that just bash her religion all the time. That make her cry and feel bad but she has been true and faithful. She doesn´t care what other people do or say to her because she knows its true. She has been having a really hard time because of the people that she lives him. Her husband moved out and her kid doesn´t want to go to church with her. All she really wants is her family to be together and wants her kid to come to church with her. She doesn´t think she is very strong but I beg to differ.


This past week went really good. Plus there are always the interesting things of the culture and the people that always keep life interesting. This week we are walking home from breakfast and I smiled at this old lady. She stopped me and told me that if she was a man that she would steal me away. And if it makes if funnier, she didn´t have any teeth. It was pretty great. I walked away laughing. And I hit my year mark this week… really crazy. My time is flying. Things are good!


I love you all. Kiss the new baby for me!


Hermana Brittany Polatis


Yessi's Baptism

Yessi’s Baptism



Irma's Baptism

Irma’s Baptism







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