Weekly email 2-3-2014: New Beginning and Happy Endings


Dear family,


So once again I made the trip to Huancayo to pick up my new companion. Once again I am training. My new companion’s name is Hna Sisson. She is from Heber City Utah. She is really nice but is having a really hard time getting used to the mission. Its kinda been really stressful training and again training. But everything will be fine. The first few weeks for training are always the hardest. But everything will be ok! Hna Osood got sent to train too. We had a good companionship and she is still here is Huanuco so I will sometimes get to see her.


This week I spent 3 days traveling and in Huancayo. Then we got back and prepared for our 2 baptisms. Elizabeth and her daughter got baptised on Saturday. It turned out to be a really good baptism. Sometimes in Peru you just dont know how your baptisms are going to turn out. We ended up having a really good turn out. Elizabeth has come such a long way. She basically has nothing. She is lives in a little one room house with her two daughters. The floor is dirt and there are holes in the foor and there are no windows. She was robbed of everything she owned from the last guy that she lived with. Her husband left her and her two daughters for another woman. And this year her grandma died. Her Grandmother is pretty much is like mother. She has experienced every heart ache that a person can go through. We have been working with her for 2 months. But with the help of kind ward members helping her with her job and visiting her and us visiting she finally found the little bit of light. She broke down in the baptism not with saddness but with happiness. The gospel has really helped her and brought her out of the darkness that she has and still is living in. My mission is so worth it. Its so worth everything to see the change in Elizabeth’s life. Its so worth it to help someone else. It helps me change too.


This week is going to be super busy! We have a wedding and 2 baptisms. I am so exited! Last month everything fell through but this month we are seeing the fruits of our labors!


I love you all so much!

Thanks for all your support and letters while I have been here. You have been helping me so that I can help other people.




Hermana Brit Polatis


P1050043 P1050114

Foto Baptisms and new comp!

Foto Baptisms and new comp!


Yep... We planked the Huanuco sign. I am the one all the way of the left

Yep… We planked the Huanuco sign. I am the one all the way of the left







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