Weekly email 1.27.2014


Dear My Family!


So right now is what they call Carnaval. Which pretty much means every Saturday and Sunday people drench you with water. Its been really great…. Somehow yesterday I dodged all the snot nosed children with water balloons. Two people almost hit me but only got my legs. Yesterday was insane. Between being followed by drunks, dodging water ballons and watching out for people on their roofs that just sit up there and wait to dump water on you, I am just tired. There are huge groups of teenagers that just wait in the street to attack you so we either had to give them death stares, like if you throw that at me your dead! or we just tried to change our route. They also grab people, soak them, and paint their faces, or throw chalk all over them. This country just keeps getting wierder… Its going to be a fun month…


Tonight I find out if I am training again. Hna Osgood just got done with her training and is now a Jedi and President already told us that we are separting but we don’ know who is leaving yet. So next week I will have a new companion and I might be in a new area. Transfer week is so…. I just really don’t like it. Its probably one of my least favorite things on the mission. But I am looking forward to new adventures!


We were supposed to have a wedding this week but things just keep falling through. The next date that it is set for in Febuary 7th. Hopefully we have all the papers straightened out now! I really don’t want to leave my area and Hna Osgood doesn’t either. Transfers are like doom coming upon us. Who stays and who goes!? We just have so many people on the point of baptism and we are in a good area and ward.


So yesterday was also the best. So we took our investigator, Elizabeth to church. Her dog, Pacho, (but we call him Pachamanca) (he also almost bit off my hand one time) followed us all the way there. She tried throwing rocks at him so that he would go home but he just wasn’t having that. Plus here they always keep the doors open because they are really big and heavy. So the dog followed us into the church and and we couldn’t get him to leave and we couldn’t keep him out. So he just sat under the pew, all tranquil. Then we went to Sunday school and he just chilled there. Absolutly, refused to go home! So was just like this dog. Chillin in the church.


Elizabeth is getting baptised this week with her daughter, Rosa. At least, that is the plan.


Anyway, Life is good! I can’t wait to see baby pictures!

Love you all!


Hermana Brit Polatis


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