Weekly email 1-20-2014: Unexpected Happenings


Dear Family….


All I have to say is that this last week was crazy. One of our investigators wanted to move up his baptismal date! Thats a first… So we had to teach him every single day this week so that he could get baptised. His name is Elder Valerio and he got baptised on Saturday! Woohoo. He was a very unexpected baptism! But all of his family members are members of the church so it made it easier because his family really supported him and there are a ton of young single adults in this ward so they invited him to everything and helped him out a lot.


We were supposed to have another baptism this week. He didnt pass his first interview because he has a pretty rough past. We used to always see him totally wasted in the street but he has been sober for over a month and he had a miracle transformation. He is the guy that we thought was a member but never got confirmed. So in his other interview, everything went fine and they said that he could get baptised but I dont know what happened. I guess that he felt so much guilt and hurt about his past that he said that he wanted to wait for 2 more weeks to get baptised. That night he went out and got drunk. He didnt come to church yesterday and we were super worried and tried to call him and his phone was shut off and we called his family and they said that we went out to work.


At 6 last night we were in our apartment making phone calls because we dont have a cell phone and there we see him, from the window, stubbling down the street. I was like freaking out! I wanted to chase him down the street and punch him in the face for being so stupid! I cant decide if I am more sad or angry at him! Mostly because we saw who he could be! He was doing so well! But yeah we left and started following him and he see him going towards the church. The last ward was just getting out. Its not expected that you have start chasing your drunk investigator down the street because you see that he is about to enter the church! We were too late! He went in and made a fool of himself. There were other missionaries there and he knelt down at Hna Whitlocks feet and starts talking who knows what! And then there we were panting, out of breath. He was escorted from the church and to his house. Our week was crazy. But the good thing is that we are on the point of having 5 baptisms. We are going to have them all the day before transfers!


The only news is that my pensionista is making me really fat and I will be coming back very chunky and will never get married… ha ha




Hermana Polatis


Elder's baptism. He is the one in the middle. The other is his brother that baptised him.

Elder’s baptism. He is the one in the middle. The other is his brother that baptised him.


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