Weekly email sent 12.30.2013: Merry New Year!


Dear Family,


It was so good to talk with you all on Christmas. I agree with mom, its hard tolet go. Its wierd because its something that you look forward to but then its over in an hour. But it was good to have the time that we had! This is a very festive time of year in Huanuco. They have what they call negritos, all dressed up in wild costumes and black faces. They dance in the streets everyday. You hear the sound of drums and know that they are coming. Then everyone plays the music in the streets and they have all these dances that they do. Its pretty cool to watch. They have some really interesting traditions here.


So Christmas went well. We visited a few members and drank lots of hot chocolate and fruit snack bread. Quite a few people gave us presents. On Christmas Eve we had a secret santa give exchange as missionaries. I picked an Elders name and gave with chocolate and a tie. And dont worry, I didnt forget my yearly tradition of wrapping it really, really really, really, well! heehee hee… It took him a while to get it open. I got a new scarf and chocolate and Hna Osgoods mom sent us llamas. Mines name is freezerburnt and my companions is barbeque. Quite fitting I think!


Really strange things happen on the mission… Theres the investigator that seems really sweet and nice but then asks if God would forgive her if she killed someone? I was literally shocked! Apparently, she has a lot of anger and enemies. So we talked about forgiveness…. Then there is the 13 year old girl that says that she doesnt want to get baptised and doesnt pay any attention in the lessons and could care less but somehow you get her to come to church with you. We normally have to pull peoples teeth to get them to come to church! Her firiend that actually wants to get baptised and wants to learn more wouldnt even come to church. Everything is backwards! The people that you think will never get baptised, do. And the people the you think are of gold, dont. Life is wierd. But its super cool to see all the miracles that happen every day. Its a crazy, strange, backwards, miraculous life! I love the mission! I just look at people and I am like what happened to you!!! You are not even the same person anymore! The less acitve that you see wasted every single day in the street all the sudden has a king Lamoni moment and is healed and in church and in a suit. Its the best!


I love you all

Until next week!


Hna Brittany Polatis


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