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Weekly email 1.27.2014


Dear My Family!


So right now is what they call Carnaval. Which pretty much means every Saturday and Sunday people drench you with water. Its been really great…. Somehow yesterday I dodged all the snot nosed children with water balloons. Two people almost hit me but only got my legs. Yesterday was insane. Between being followed by drunks, dodging water ballons and watching out for people on their roofs that just sit up there and wait to dump water on you, I am just tired. There are huge groups of teenagers that just wait in the street to attack you so we either had to give them death stares, like if you throw that at me your dead! or we just tried to change our route. They also grab people, soak them, and paint their faces, or throw chalk all over them. This country just keeps getting wierder… Its going to be a fun month…


Tonight I find out if I am training again. Hna Osgood just got done with her training and is now a Jedi and President already told us that we are separting but we don’ know who is leaving yet. So next week I will have a new companion and I might be in a new area. Transfer week is so…. I just really don’t like it. Its probably one of my least favorite things on the mission. But I am looking forward to new adventures!


We were supposed to have a wedding this week but things just keep falling through. The next date that it is set for in Febuary 7th. Hopefully we have all the papers straightened out now! I really don’t want to leave my area and Hna Osgood doesn’t either. Transfers are like doom coming upon us. Who stays and who goes!? We just have so many people on the point of baptism and we are in a good area and ward.


So yesterday was also the best. So we took our investigator, Elizabeth to church. Her dog, Pacho, (but we call him Pachamanca) (he also almost bit off my hand one time) followed us all the way there. She tried throwing rocks at him so that he would go home but he just wasn’t having that. Plus here they always keep the doors open because they are really big and heavy. So the dog followed us into the church and and we couldn’t get him to leave and we couldn’t keep him out. So he just sat under the pew, all tranquil. Then we went to Sunday school and he just chilled there. Absolutly, refused to go home! So was just like this dog. Chillin in the church.


Elizabeth is getting baptised this week with her daughter, Rosa. At least, that is the plan.


Anyway, Life is good! I can’t wait to see baby pictures!

Love you all!


Hermana Brit Polatis


Weekly email 1-20-2014: Unexpected Happenings


Dear Family….


All I have to say is that this last week was crazy. One of our investigators wanted to move up his baptismal date! Thats a first… So we had to teach him every single day this week so that he could get baptised. His name is Elder Valerio and he got baptised on Saturday! Woohoo. He was a very unexpected baptism! But all of his family members are members of the church so it made it easier because his family really supported him and there are a ton of young single adults in this ward so they invited him to everything and helped him out a lot.


We were supposed to have another baptism this week. He didnt pass his first interview because he has a pretty rough past. We used to always see him totally wasted in the street but he has been sober for over a month and he had a miracle transformation. He is the guy that we thought was a member but never got confirmed. So in his other interview, everything went fine and they said that he could get baptised but I dont know what happened. I guess that he felt so much guilt and hurt about his past that he said that he wanted to wait for 2 more weeks to get baptised. That night he went out and got drunk. He didnt come to church yesterday and we were super worried and tried to call him and his phone was shut off and we called his family and they said that we went out to work.


At 6 last night we were in our apartment making phone calls because we dont have a cell phone and there we see him, from the window, stubbling down the street. I was like freaking out! I wanted to chase him down the street and punch him in the face for being so stupid! I cant decide if I am more sad or angry at him! Mostly because we saw who he could be! He was doing so well! But yeah we left and started following him and he see him going towards the church. The last ward was just getting out. Its not expected that you have start chasing your drunk investigator down the street because you see that he is about to enter the church! We were too late! He went in and made a fool of himself. There were other missionaries there and he knelt down at Hna Whitlocks feet and starts talking who knows what! And then there we were panting, out of breath. He was escorted from the church and to his house. Our week was crazy. But the good thing is that we are on the point of having 5 baptisms. We are going to have them all the day before transfers!


The only news is that my pensionista is making me really fat and I will be coming back very chunky and will never get married… ha ha




Hermana Polatis


Elder's baptism. He is the one in the middle. The other is his brother that baptised him.

Elder’s baptism. He is the one in the middle. The other is his brother that baptised him.

Weekly letter sent 1.13.2014


Oh mi familia!


¿Como están? Always when I sit down to write I can never remember anything from the week. Curse my mind. Well the couple that we have been teaching are going to get married! Not this week like they planned but next week its a party!! My companion and I are working on completing families. Meaning that we try to find members, where not all of the family is a member. We are working with this other investigator that it is named Elder. Ironic right! All of his family are members but we went off working all over Peru and just recently returned. We are hoping to baptise him this week. We are also finding a lot of interesting cases. So we have been teaching this less active that got baptised a long time ago but wants to come back to church but we came to find out that he was never confirmed and is not a less active but now our investigator. He hardly remembers anything about the church. And then we are also teaching this lady with the same problem. We thought she was a less active but come to find out is not a member either. She was never confirmed. Its crazy how we just keep finding people.


And I agree with Nathan, whenever there is a good referral we dont ask for it. We search and search for new investigators but then miracle people just pop up our of no where. I dont know about anyone elses mission but here sometimes the wards compete for how many baptisms they can have. It kinda makes me sad. They say its not a competition but really it is.


I cant think of anything else super to tell you expect that sometimes I like to dogs in the street because its to hard to walk through them all. Just kidding… but not really.


Love you!


Hermana Brittany Polatis


So I finally got pictures. This is what I mean when I say that there aSo I finally got pictures. This is what I mean when I say that there are negritos in the negritos in the streets...

So I finally got pictures. This is what I mean when I say that there aSo I finally got pictures. This is what I mean when I say that there are negritos in the streets…re negritos in the streets…

Letter sent 1.6.2014



Dear Family,


So Christmas and New years have past but they are still celebrating here. This is the time of the fiestas! Dancing in the streets, the negritos going through the streets. You can always tell when they are coming because you can hear the beat of their drums. Then I spend too much time looking out the window at them during my personal study time. Next week I will have to send pictures of them. They look kinda creepy.


New Years we didn’t sleep. Like Christmas, there was a huge firework show and it was so loud! We ended up going on the roof to watch all the fireworks go off. Since its kinda dangerous to go out on New Years eve we had a dinner as a zone to celebrate the new year. This lady from one of the wards cooked for us all.


So its been going good. We are supposed to have a wedding and 2 baptisms next week but I am kinda disappointed because I don’t know if it will go through or not. I guess we will see what happens. It’s a really wierd story. So one day we show up at a less actives house. They invited us in and introduced us to the addition to their family or should I just say household because Yessy and Abraham aren’t married. Abraham is a less or was a less active member that normally hid from us. But he got sick and didn’t have anything to do and started reading the Bible and the Book of Mormon. All of a sudden he just wants us to come over almost every day to read the scriptures. He has been coming to church for the last two weeks even though he is sick. So we have been helping him and teaching his girlfriend. Their wedding is all planned for the 15th along with Yessy´s baptism. But yesterday they went to the clinic because he has been getting worse but the doctors couldn’t find anything and they say it’s all in his head. A counselor in the ward told me that maybe it’s best to postpone everything because he might be crazy or something. It’s a really wierd situation and I don’t know what is going to happen yet.


We will see what happens this week!


Love you all!


Hermana Brittany Polatis


So this is a part of my area that is called Villa Crucis. They have 13 crosses going up this hill and during Easter they do really creepy ritual things. I have heard that they really do crucify someone but I dont want to think that that is true...

So this is a part of my area that is called Villa Crucis. They have 13 crosses going up this hill and during Easter they do really creepy ritual things. I have heard that they really do crucify someone but I dont want to think that that is true…



Weekly email sent 12.30.2013: Merry New Year!


Dear Family,


It was so good to talk with you all on Christmas. I agree with mom, its hard tolet go. Its wierd because its something that you look forward to but then its over in an hour. But it was good to have the time that we had! This is a very festive time of year in Huanuco. They have what they call negritos, all dressed up in wild costumes and black faces. They dance in the streets everyday. You hear the sound of drums and know that they are coming. Then everyone plays the music in the streets and they have all these dances that they do. Its pretty cool to watch. They have some really interesting traditions here.


So Christmas went well. We visited a few members and drank lots of hot chocolate and fruit snack bread. Quite a few people gave us presents. On Christmas Eve we had a secret santa give exchange as missionaries. I picked an Elders name and gave with chocolate and a tie. And dont worry, I didnt forget my yearly tradition of wrapping it really, really really, really, well! heehee hee… It took him a while to get it open. I got a new scarf and chocolate and Hna Osgoods mom sent us llamas. Mines name is freezerburnt and my companions is barbeque. Quite fitting I think!


Really strange things happen on the mission… Theres the investigator that seems really sweet and nice but then asks if God would forgive her if she killed someone? I was literally shocked! Apparently, she has a lot of anger and enemies. So we talked about forgiveness…. Then there is the 13 year old girl that says that she doesnt want to get baptised and doesnt pay any attention in the lessons and could care less but somehow you get her to come to church with you. We normally have to pull peoples teeth to get them to come to church! Her firiend that actually wants to get baptised and wants to learn more wouldnt even come to church. Everything is backwards! The people that you think will never get baptised, do. And the people the you think are of gold, dont. Life is wierd. But its super cool to see all the miracles that happen every day. Its a crazy, strange, backwards, miraculous life! I love the mission! I just look at people and I am like what happened to you!!! You are not even the same person anymore! The less acitve that you see wasted every single day in the street all the sudden has a king Lamoni moment and is healed and in church and in a suit. Its the best!


I love you all

Until next week!


Hna Brittany Polatis