Weekly email 12-23-2013: Feliz Navidad


Dear Family,


Ha ha so I guess I lied but I didn´t. I am writing this week. I guess the President had a change of heart and let us have Pday today. Last week went great! Like Nathan I didn´t get transfered. But transfers have been crazy. The mission is growing like crazy. Every single Hermana in the mission in training. And there wasn´t enough Hermanas to train so there are 3 trios. Hna Osgood and I are like the only Hermanas that didn´t have transfers, trios or anything. Our zone also got split in half because they made a new zone here too. But get this! In my zone there are 6 Elders and 9 Hermanas…. The Hermanas are taking over! ha ha ha ha ha…


Last week we started our Christmas celebrating. We had a Christmas conference with President Henderson and his wife and we ate Italian food. Well peruvian, italian food! But it was still really good. The white rice is getting really old. Then we went and played volleyball and soccer. Then that same night we had a ward activity. It was supposed to start at 7 but with the whole Peruvian standard time, it started at 8 30. So we didnt get to stay that long. But we brought a few of our investigators and they had fun.


We also had a baptism on Saturday! Piero got baptised! He was a true investigator of gold. He is so shy though! I don´t know if its because we are girls, white girls, or if he is always so shy and nervous but he is super awesome. His aunt has been wanting him to get baptised for a long time but he was studying and working in Lima and never had the chance to go and didn´t know anything about missionarys but he is now living here. His aunt gives pension to the Hermanas in a different ward. They started teaching him and then gave us his reference. I think he reads the Book of Mormon more than a lot of the members do! And of coarse my favorite part of every baptism is when our investigators bear thier testimonies.Piero shared an experience in his testimony that I really like. He hasn´t talked to his mother in a year partly because she lives in Italy. But one day we were talking to him about faith and gave him alma 32 to read. We taught him about how faith brings miracles and the next day his mother called him. He said that he feels really grateful to have the gospel in life and that it is already bringing him lots of blessings. He never told us any of these things before. I have been learning how important it is to bear your testimony. It cool because I always feel like I get to see a different side of someone or see how they really feel through their testimony.


We have a lot of other great investigators that we are teaching. There is this one that is named Helen. She is sooooo awesome but we can never find ever. Every appointment falls through somehow. We call her make an appointment, and she is not there… But its been because her baby has been sick and she keeps having to go to the hospital. But its funny because she always has dreams about us. In one dream we were telling her to come to church. The one she had the other day was so funny. That day after our appointment fell through she dreamed that I was like oh don´t worry about the appointment… but my companion was like yelling at her, telling her that she shouldn´t play games with God. God is not a toy! ha ha… Unfortunatly, she left to Lima, to take her baby to the hospital there and we don´t know when she is coming back. But in time she will get baptised! She is so prepared but it seems something always happens! Something always prevents our investigators from getting baptised! But we just have to keep pushing them and bugging them and never give up on them. They drive you crazy sometimes but you can´t help but love them to death!


I love you all lots!

I will still be calling around the same time on Christmas!


con amor,


Hermana Polatis

Piero´s baptism

Piero´s baptism



Christmas Conference Dinner

Christmas Conference Dinner



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