Weekly email 12-18-2013: It’s almost Christmas!


My dear family,


Well this week went pretty well…. except the fact that for some reason Peruvians like to put 3 foot deep holes in their sidewalks so that stupid Americans can can and fall in them and rip all the skin on their knee and upper thigh. Then the same day, when you just happen to forget to put on your mosquito repellent, they send a swarm of mosquitos to eat your legs alive. Then the moquito bites make your foot swell up so that it hurts to walk. Then you spend the whole week walking around with a giant pig foot. But I am now doing great! My leg is healing quite nicely. We just spent a lot of time riding around in motos this week.


So next week we are not are not having P day because I get to skype you!!!! Woohoo. So I will be calling my time around 6 pm on Christmas, so I think there is a two hour time difference between here and there. So like 4 pm your time. I will be using the same skype name so it should be the same as last time.


So this week, there are transfers! We will find out tonight or tomorrow what is going to happen. There are so many new heremanas that are coming in that there are not enough trainers for everyone. It is very possible that we could be put in a trio… but I hope not… But we will see what happens. I haven´t been here very long so I hope I don´t get transferred! Especially because, like Nathan, we have a baptism this week. Our investigator, Pierro, is getting baptised on Saturday. He really is of pure gold. Its not everyday that you get an investigator that always comes through on his reading of the Book of Mormon and wants you to give him new things to read. And he actually reads the booklets we give him! Its a miracle. We usually fight to get our investigators to follow through with their commitments. But he is so ready for baptism its not even funny!


We are getting in a Christmas Spirit! Last week we made this skit about what we as missionaries go through on a day to day basis and what Christmas is like for missionaries. It turned out really funny. My part was about our Christmas dinner and we all got really fat…. I am sending lovely pictures! The members had a lot of fun making fun of us at church the next day. Saying what great actresses we are… ha ha. I do make a really great fat person!


Despite all my leg problems we had a good week. We are making good progress with our investigators. I love the mission because God always seems to send you places without you knowing it. Well until you get there and you realize that thats where you are supposed to be. That happened yesterday. We were walking around in the rain. Our appiontment fell through and we see the light on the house of this less active lady. So we went to visit her. It just so happened that she has been going through a lot of problems and was really sad. Sometimes that always seems to happen. We always go places at just the right time.


I love you all and I am exited to talk to you all next week!




Hermana Brittany Polatis


Our Christmas skit. Las Gorditas

Our Christmas skit. Las Gorditas




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