Weekly email 12-9-2013: Victors Baptism!


Dear Family,


So this week went pretty well despite all the rain that has been coming down on us. The best is when we are in the mountain, where everything is just pure mud. Its like a slip and slide up there. I almost couldnt get up to one of our investigators houses because my boots didnt have good enough traction. But all is well here Zion.


We had a baptism this week! Woohoo! Victor got baptised. I am pretty sure I told you guys about him… I can never remember who I talk about in my letters. It was like the best thing ever though because he was like freaking out. Soooooo nervous! So peruvians are normally really small but Victor is built and a lot bigger than the average peruvian. We had a really hard time finding baptismal clothing and everything. In the end his clothes were just a little bit too small. The baptism started an hour late because they brought 2 pairs of pants and no shirt… bah. My idea was just to wrap him in a big white towel ha ha.. And the guy that was baptising him was kinda small and the water wasnt very deep so he had to be baptised twice. But all ended well but it was just really funny for me because all of Victors fears came true. He was worried about having someone big enough to baptise him and he was worried about the clothes fitting and he was there early for his baptism unlike any other Peruvian and then we started an hour late. He gave the best testimony at the end. I almost cried! He cried! I got the best feeling ever in his baptism. He talked about his whole experience with the Elders that taught him before us and one day he was just sitting there doubting if the church was for him and then I called him in that very moment, Asking when we could visit him. He always has like a million questions but is super humble and acepted everything that we taught him.


Life is good! We are getting ready for Christmas and on Saturday all the missionaries are putting on a talent show for the members. Oh no… I will probably sing something.


I love you all a lot

Thanks for all your support!




Hermana Brittany Polatis


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