Weekly email 11-18-2013: The 10 Plagues


Dear Family,


I feel like we are going through weekly plagues. Week 1, Plague of the mosquitos. Plague 2, water. This is day 5 without water. So we have this bucket and we walk down and up four flights of stairs to get water. We have gone to all sorts of measures to get water to shower with and flush the toilet. The first two days there was a water faucet down stairs on the first floor that we got water from. But there was no water there, then we found this hose outside that had water the next day. Then on Sunday, the chapel got its water back and we went and filled up our bucket and this giant zip lock bag that my comp had and carried it back to our apt. On the way back, the bag had little holes in it so we tried walking as fast as we could to get back to the apt. Everyone yesterday was walking around with their buckets looking to find water. There wasn`t water in all of Huanuco but yesterday some houses started getting in back but our house still doesn`t have water. Its been an interesting. All the sudden I remember that I am in a very strange country. What will be this week`s plague? ha ha jk. Please, no more! I can`t it. The water problem was pretty funny because my companion is kinda a germ freak. Hand sanitizar and lots of it ha ha… Plus fun fact. I spend most of my time making fun of her for the pocket comb that she keeps with her at all times. I don`t think I have ever seen anyone brush their hair more than she does. Her funny quirks keep my life interesting.


We had a miracle baptism this week. I don`t even know what is happening in my life right now. These have been the strangest 2 weeks of my life. These baptisms keep coming our of no where. And sometimes my life just feels insane. These have been the most blessed but challenging weeks of my mission I think. I actually feel pretty weak right now but somehow good things keep happening. We almost didn`t have water to baptism on Saturday. The water in the font was super low. We baptised Anthony, a 12 year old boy. He got invited, with his mother to a different ward. The other ward passed us the reference on Monday, we met with him Tuesday, taught all the lessons super fast, and he got baptised on Saturday. Now, we are focusing in on his mother, Patricia. She is awesome but has gone through a lot of abuse from her past husband and stuff. She has come to church 3 times though and loves coming. We hope to baptize her this week or next.


I will send pictures next week because I forgot my camera cord today.


Love you all!


Have a great week!


Love Brittany


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