Weekly email 11-11-2013: Mosquitos from hell


Dear Family,


This past week was just wow… I have never experienced opening a new area before but its kinda crazy. All we had to go on is what was in the area book and the Elders that were here before us weren´t too detailed. But the miracle was that we had a baptism this week. Her name is Whinny. She is 17 years old and her sister is member but is less active. We went and visited her the first night we got here in Huanuco and taught her a few more things and prepared her to be bautised. It was probably the easiest baptism that I have had ha ha… I am in a super awesome ward right now! I am way exited! Normally, we really lack ward support but this ward is willing to work. They have the very high goal of 5 baptisms for this month. This ward hasn´t been doing well for baptisms. We are really going to have to work like crazy. We do have a few investigators that are progressing towards baptism.


Our area is pretty crazy. We have this huge mountain to walk up every day. Thats were all the people are. Part of our area is flat but that part has a lot more the wealthy people. The really humble live up in the mountain. The other day my comp. and I counted the stairs up to one of our apointments and it was 340 stairs and there is a lot higher to go! We are getting super buff legs and tans but the mosquitos are from the devil. My first day here I got bit almost 40 times. All of my legs. Every day they got more and more swollen and itchy. My ankles and feet got so swollen it was hard to walk. Some of the mosquito bites looked like bruises. But luckly my legs are almost all better and I am not dying. Other people get really sick. So those are my fun stories for the week. And walking are lost… ha ha. We are looking forward to a lot better week this week!


Love ya lots!


Hermana Brittany Polatis


Winney's baptism

Winney’s baptism


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