Weekly email 11.4.2013: Fighting Satan! Getting Transfer! My New Companion!


Querido Familia,


So I got a call Friday night from President Henderson. ¨Hna Polatis, I have a new assignment for you.¨

And so here I am in Huanuco once again! My area is called Pedro Puelles. The best climate in the whole world. And thats not a lie. So I am once again in the hot, short sleeve weather. It does not feel like November here. Its super wierd to hear in your letters that there is snow! The President called me to tell me to pack my bags and come to Huancayo because once again I am training. My first North American companion! Her name is Hermana Osgood from California. I haven´t been with her too long and don´t know a ton about her but lots of people say that we look alike. But peruvians think that all North Americans look like. We are opening a area that previously had Elders in it. Its kinda crazy right now… We traveled all day yesterday and basically all we had time to do was meet our new Pensionist and eat dinner last night. And today is P day so


I got here and we were standing outside for like a half an hour trying figure everything out because there are a lot of new area opening here and within that half an hour I was bit more than 30 times by mosquitos. If you could only see my legs right now. I look like I have chicken pocs or something. Yeah and then it started pouring rain. So I had an eventful night. Things are going to be a little crazy this week because we are trying to figure out who all the investigators are and get to know the area and everything. But the good thing is that we are in a super supportive ward. I talked to the bishop last night and he is super awesome.


Last week I spent my last week in Tarma. Its a really bittersweet thing to leave after I have been there for 5 months but it was time because I was kinda going crazy. I was kinda sad because I left some really cool investigators. We were teaching this guy named Alfredo. His biggest fear is going to church but he is already in like Mosiah, in the book of mormon. I told him that his thoughts came from Satan. And then we started talking about Satan. I told him that I was going to help him fight Satan, Sunday at 2 00 pm and we were going to church! I ofen times start saying really funny things in lessons sometimes and then we just all end up laughing. Yeah but then I got transfered so hopefully my companion is helping him fight Satan. I guess I have learned from my time in Tarma to be super direct with our investigators. Yeah your going to church… I don´t care if you don´t want to.


Last week, I also went on divisions in La Merced. I love the jungle! Someday I hope that I will be sent there. But then on the way back I pretty much thought I was going to jail though because all they give us in the mission is a copy of our passport so that we don´t lose it or get it stolen. But police man didn´t really like my explanation and told me our leaders were liers and I could fake my document and he wanted the original. Luckly, he let us off the hook and I am not in jail.


So thats my crazy, fun week!

Love ya lots! Make your week great!




Hermana Brittany Polatis


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