Weekly email 10-28-2013: Tarma Time


Querido Familia,


Well another week and transfers are wierd this time they are this Saturday or Friday. No one really knows. The mission is pretty crazy because every transfer there are around 20 missionaries coming in or more. There will be 40 more coming in these next 2 transfers! That means a lot of new areas opening and lots of changes. I have been in Tarma for 5 months now so there is a good chance that I will get transfered but who knows? I am not going to lie I am at the point where I am ready to get out of Tarma. This transfer has been really hard for me and I feel a little crazy here ha ha! Mom wrote to me about patience and its true it takes a lot of patience, which I lack….


This week was a little disappointing. Especially when people come up to you and tell you that your wasting your time… yep… and then you can´t find anyone to teach and feel like maybe you are wasting your time. But don´t worry I know thats true. Sure there is a lack of progress in my area but I am starting to see some good changes in a few people that we are teaching.


We are teaching this lady named Vicky. One day when I was with my other companion, Hermana Ibarra, we contacted her in the street. I could see right off that she was a very receptive person. So we showed up to her house multiple times only to find her not home or busy but we were persistent. Until one day she finally let us through the door but only on her patio. We had an awesome first lesson and she even accepted her baptism date but then after that we couldn´t find her again. Finally we were able to get her phone number and called her to have a family night in her house. And thats how we really got her attention. She loved the family night and the games that we played with her kids. She finally actually let us enter her house. We have been teaching her every week since then. I have seen a huge change in her attitude towards us and is keeping all her… I can´t think of the word…compromisos…. She showed up to church yesterday to. The next step is to get her married! ahhhh…. I don´t like plan weddings. But hopefully her husband can be reasonable and just marry her! ha ha…


I love you all lots and lots!

Make your week great!




Hermana Brittany Polatis


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