Weekly letter 10.21.2013: Rico chico



Dear family,


And another week goes by. This week we found an investigator of gold named Flor. Well actually we found her the other week knocking doors but this week was the first time that we taught her. She heard the missionarys like 7 years ago and was at the point of baptism when all the sudden the missionaries disappeared. She didn´t know what to do and didn´t think that she could come to the church.Wehave started teaching her again. But I swear that something always happens on Sunday. We always call our investigators the night before to tell them that we will come to pick them up and we get there Sunday and they are not there and don´t answer their phones. Practically every Sunday this happens to us! Its like what the!!! I think Satan works harder on people Sundays. There is always something better to do than to go to church. So I was a little depressed. Thinking another week with no investigators coming to church. And we get to church and there are like 5 people there… More depressing. But little by little people start coming in. And in comes this lady named Carmen that we have been teaching for months. Miracle… I am not joking. We visited her this past week and I was super direct and bold with her. I can´t drop her because she is going to be Mormon. She is super awesome. She just has a problem like every Sunday coming to church because she sells in the market and Sundays are their big day. But wow my our words finally found place in her heart. But we will see if she keeps coming…


God blesses us in strange and unexpected ways. I prayed really hard this week that our investigators could come to church. Hna Carmen came with her son.Miracle 1,Sunday before church we contacted this old man and invited him to church and he actually came! I was shocked. No one that we ever invite comes. I have contacted thousands of people and not one has ever come. Miracle number 2! And then we taught him after church! oh yeah!


I love you all! Until next week!




Hermana Brittany Polatis







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