Weekly letter 10.14.2013


Dear Family,


This week was pretty normal. The President came to Tarma and we had interviews one day. This week went ok but not super great. We have a grand total of 0 progressing investigators because none of them came to church. Its a little hard not to get discouraged right now. But I read this talk called La Obra Misional y La Expiacion by Elder Jeffery R. Holland. I think it translates to Mission work and the atonement. I learned this week that we have trails for help us humble ourselves and to help us grow closer to God. Whenever I ask my investigators how they know that God lives or in what moments they have felt God in their lives. They always say that its when they were going through something dificult or having extreme health problems that they came closer to God through prayer. In the midst of our trails we find answers to prayers and can see the hand of God more clearly in our lives. I feel really humbled right now in my life. We really struggled this week to keep positive and to keep going some days but I am thankful for those moments because I am starting to see the things that I lack and the things that I need to change. But from reading the talk by Jeffery R. Holland I found a lot of answers to my prayers and lots of things that we can work on bieng better. Joseph Smith said that every principle in our religion depends on the atonement of Christ. The most important thing is that we have faith in him.


My companion and I get along really great. Things will get better in our area. Pray hard for me and I will pray hard for you! I know from all my experiences this week that God answers prayers and He is with us in our hardest times! I am super grateful to have an awesome family that supports me in everything! I love you all.


Hermana Brittany Polatis


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