Weekly Letter 10.7.2013: La Vida Bonita


Dear Family,



Conference was awesome huh! Did you guys see that fly that was buzzing all around Elder Vinson of the seventy. haha just kidding! but really there was fly. I got to listen to conference in english this time, which made me really happy because they talk really fast in Spanish and I have to concentrate really hard and pay attention to understand. But wow, conference only makes my testimony grow that we have a Prophet today, Thomas S. Monson and that he is called of God along with the 12 apostles and the seventy. I loved everything!


I had a pretty good week but I am with Nathan. The hardest thing is to get people to come to church. And if they don´t come to church they can´t progress. Sometimes I feel stressed out because yeah we have a lot of investigators. A lot. The problem is that we can´t find them very easy and they don´t progress. It makes me crazy because its like don´t you see that this is kinda important!!! They don´t see the importance of our message. What I see is that people like to listen but they don´t like to act. I can´t remember who but someone from the seventy in the conference talked about training for basketball. You can´t get in shape for basketball just by watching it on tv. And likewise with the gospel. You can´t grow your faith just by listening to conference. You have to go out and apply it. Thats the only way that you will become more deeply converted. We have to do our spiritual training everyday.


I am starting to feel more of the stress of being a trainer. I am not used to taking the lead in everything. but I am doing good and I am learning a lot. God pushes you more than ever on the mission. Always pushing you to be better. I can´t say that I feel adequate to be in the position that I am but God gives us trials and hard things because he knows that we are capable of doing them. We ourselves doubt but God knows. I think back to when I was 16 years old. I never thought I would go on a mission. I never thought I would be doing the things I am now. But God gives experiences to prepare us for what is to come. He has prepared me for this moment in my life. And my mission is preparing me for the rest of my life. Hard things are good for ya!


Have a fantastic week! Loves ya………….


Hermana Brittany Polatis

Photo of my Comp and I

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