Weekly Letter 9.30.2013: Mi primera hija





Dear Family,


So President called me last Monday night to tell me that I was going to be training and that I would be traveling to Huancayo the next day to go to a training and pick up my new comp. So I have my first daughter as we call them in the mission. Her name is Hermana Valderrama. She is from Peru. She is the only member in her family and was baptised at 16 years old. She is 20 years old and almost 21 this month. It has been pretty interesting changing from jr. comp. to trainer. But as Nathan told me once in his letters. You realize that you are a lot more capable than you think. So far it has been going pretty good. Sometimes it feels a little stressful making all the decisions but everyday I am getting more and more used to it.


This week we started teaching my pensionista´s nephew. He is 8 years old and the funniest thing ever. Sometimes he says things in such an adult like manner that it kinda freaks me out. I normally don´t really like teaching children because they don´t pay attention but he pays complete attention and always asks intelligent questions. We are preparing him to be baptised Oct. 12. Tarma is known for the slow progress or no progress of investigators but we are always finding miracles. I am learning more and more every transfer. I can´t believe I have 7 months in the mission! Time is flying by faster every month. When time flys it makes you realize that you can´t waste time. It makes you work harder.


Today everything is shut down is Tarma. Its called Paro. Its super wierd. There are no taxis… no cars.. Nothing is open. But luckily I am able to write to you. I don´t really understand why. It’s some kind of workers strike? So we will probably just go back to our apartment because nothing is open and we can´t really go anywhere.


Anyways… make your day great!




Hermana Brittany Polatis




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