Weekly email 9.23.2013: unexpected happenings…baptism almost impossible


Dearest Family,

So I had an eventful week! So transfers are tomorrow and so we weren´t expecting to happen what happened. On Thursday, after our district meeting, we were with our zone leaders getting supplies and stuff when they get a call that Hermana Ibarra is getting transfered to La Merced and to pack her things as quickly as possible because she is to leave in 2 hours. So we rush back to our apartment to pack everything up and send her off and find someone to accompany me. Hermana Perez came to replace her. But her mission is Bolivia, la paz and she just got her visa. So she was with me until Sunday and left for Bolivia. We had a really good three days together. I feel like when I get along really good with someone God takes them away from me. Probably because we end up talking too much… ha ha. Right now I am with a member, named Kenya, until my new companion arrives. There are 10 new hermanas coming in tomorrow.

We had a baptism this week too. Jordan got baptised but it almost didn´t happen. I feel like every time we have baptisms something crazy, stressful happens. Making me freak out. So he was super excited to get baptised and we were in contact with him everyday. He went with us to the church activity the night before his baptism. Normal and excited. He is super shy with the members and it’s kinda funny because I make him talk to people. But anyway we told him multiple times that we would be at his house at 4:30 to pick him up because his baptism was at 5 and that he needed to be all ready to go. So Hermana Perez and I get there and his dad tells us that he is not there. I almost had a panic attack! What!? And not to mention that he left his cell phone at home and went to play ball with his friends. But he told his dad that he would be back at 3. So we sat in his house waiting very impatiently for him and praying. I felt assured that everything would be ok but I still felt really worried and stressed out. Everyone would be in the chapel waiting! At 5 he finally walks through the door! woohoo! But then he takes 20 minutes to get ready… We asked what happened!? He said that he was really a little discouarged. We go out and it’s raining and we can´t find a taxi and so we start walking but finally find a taxi! We get there and Jordan is feeling kinda scared so we end up talking to him for like half hour with not very much luck. He wouldn´t say yes or no to baptism. Finally our Branch President takes him aside and into his office for another half an hour. We went upstairs to pray, feeling a little stressed and discouraged. I felt like it was my fault and that he wasn´t ready. But they came out of the office and Jordan said that he was getting baptised. It was a really good service and the good members waited a hour and half for it to take place, bless their souls! ha ha. Afterward he was super happy and smiling. I felt relieved. The last thing we wanted was for him to feel forced to be baptised but he told me himself that he knew the book of mormon was true and Joseph smith is a prophet. Ha ha… The mission brings a lot of stress but in the end I always feel better! Things always work out for the best and God always answers our prayers.

Things are really coming together. Little by little.

I love you all lots!

Hermana Brittany Polatis

With Hermana Perez!




Playing hide and go seek with my pensionistas daughter. I hide in the fridge and she thought it was the best thing ever!








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