Weekly email 9.16.2013: oh hey guys….


Querido Familia,


I can´t say that I have anything spectacular or exiting to say about this week. Things are good. Yesterday we had a special satalite conference only of Peru. Peru now had 100 stakes! woot woot! And its going to have 3 temples soon. The church is growing! Here in Tarma its kinda re..a..lly….. slowwwwwww… but don´t worry we are working on it! One day there will be a stake in Tarma! But anyway, Elder Bednar, Elder Scott, a member or the seventy, and a counselor in the Relief Society spoke. One thing that I really liked is that Elder Bednar talked about Repentance. He told a story about a man that came off and on to true for years and hadn´t paid his tithing. But his son was going to get married in the temple and he wanted to be able to attend. So he paid tithing and asked for his recommend. The Bishop said, thank you for paying your tithing but we will have to talk later about your worthiness. The man was a little sad. What more do you want? I paid my tithing. Really repentance is a lot more than just to stop doing something or going through the actions. Its about the change that occurs in our hearts. We need to go through every step and most of all rely on our savior, Jesus Christ. Every single one of us is goinng through the same process faith, repentance, baptism, and recieving the holy ghost. Or as members the renewing our covent of baptism every week in sacrament meeting and we recieve the holy ghost once again to accompany us. I never really thought of myself as going through the same process as the people I teach but really its a constant process that I will through all my life. That we will all go through.


We were supposed to have baptism of our little joven friend Jordan that is 16 years old this saturday, but with the conference being in the morning he couldn´t come because he has classes in the mornings. Thats my other question! What is with Peru having classes on Sundays. There are a lot of schools here that have classes and activities on Sundays. bah… It kinda makes me mad because yesterday we visited this family that is less active but trying to be active again. They couldn´t come to church because there was a meeting for parents in the school of one of their kids. And if they don´t show up to the meetings, they have to pay 20 soles. They are too poor to able to pay the money and so they have to go. It makes me sad that whole nations are forgetting the sabbath. Almost everyone declares to be religous here and everyone has their paintings of Jesus on the wall but they don´t live his commandments. But yeah Jordan will get baptised this next week. He is super cool. I can see the conversion in him. I love you all lots!


Con mucho amor,


Hermanita Brittany Polatis



Walking up to waterfalls and getting soaked!


P day in the jungles of Peru. This locito monkey was trying to bite my elbow skin. All I wanted was a picture with him but he starting attacking me.




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