Weekly Letter 9-9-2013: sooo nice….


Dear Familia!


Wow lots of good and bad news. Keshia is having a girl! And wow I can´t imagine what it would be like if my companion died. I don´t think I would be able to stay in the mission. I am sorry to hear about all the deaths going on in the community. I hope things get better.


This week I went on divisions for 2 days with a member. My companion went to Huancayo for a training because she is one of the Leaders for the sisters in the mission. I got a little taste of what it is going to be like to be a trainer. There are 10 new sister missionaries coming this next transfer so my time is coming. Ha ha oh no! But it is pretty hard trying to explain everything to someone that pretty much knows nothing about the mission. So I was with this member, Kenya. We had been walking for hours with no luck. All our appointments fell through. We showed up at the front door of one investigator but with no luck. She wasn´t home. I really needed to sit down for a few minutes with all the non stop walking. So there we were…. sitting on the side of the road. Looking homeless and wind blown. When out comes this family that Kenya knows. We started talking and all. Talking to Kenya afterward, I found out they they are an inactive family that lived in the other branch but moved into our area. We visited them to find out that they have been going through some really difficult things. And her son had slipped into extreme depression. They were super faithful in the church before the past year had taken its toll. She talked to us for like 2 hours and we missed our other appointment but it was probably one of the best, most emotional appointments I have ever had. I have realized a lot being on the mission. I have realized that I don´t really do the work. Sure we walk all day and study and practice. But God is the one that puts people in your path. There was reason why I needed to sit down for a minute, a reason that we stayed in that street and it was to find that family. God is mindful of his people. He doesn´t forget about us when we fall away. He will always send someone to help us come back. And this Sunday was the first time in a year that they have come to church. There is always light after the darkness. We are not just here to baptize but there is a lot more. In Tarma the baptisms are really low but what we are really working on is the less active members here. More than half the branch is less active. Sometimes it feels like we are getting no where. But its little by little. People don´t change overnight.


Love you all lots!

¡se cuida! (take care)




Hermana Brittany Polatis



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