Weekly letter 9-2-2013


Mi querido familia!


¿como están? This week didn´t quite go as sucessful as the last but hey thats the mission. On Monday we had a multizone P-day with the President and his wife and Tuesday morning, bright and early, we had a conference. One thing that my mission that I like is that every month we are going to memorize scriptures. For P-day we went to all these really cool waterfalls and I got to hold a monkey! They have this monkey for tourists that they have tied to this chair. Well I wanted a picture with him and he jumped on me and wrapped his arms and legs around me and was trying to bite my elbow. I will have to send a picture because its pretty funny. I was kinda freaking out a little! When we were hiking up to the waterfalls it started pouring rain. We all got super soaked but it was fun. The raining season is starting here. And when it rains here, it pours. The streets flood with giant puddles and taxi´s zoom by splashing you with mud and water. But luckily the last few days it has been clear and cloudless!


It was kinda hard to get back to work after going to La Merced. It really takes a toll a you to switch from a dry, cold climate with super high elevation to a lower elevation that is hot and humid. Our investigator that is progressing the most towards baptism is named, Jordan. He is 16 or 17 years old. I forgot ha ha. But he was going to get baptised last year but felt really pressured. So we are reteaching him all the lessons. Yesterday he came to church with us and it bieng fast and testimony meeting was trying to get me to bear my testimony. Its your turn! But I speak every month in the branch so I decided to give the opportunity to the members. Jordan is really cool, has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and is going to get baptised, Hopefully, 14th of September. The problem is that there aren´t really a lot of young men and women in the ward. Its been really hard to get our recent converts Harold and Andree to come to church! But we are working on it! The branch is really weak here and a big part of our responsibility here is to strength the branch and the members here!


Got to go! Out of time. Love you all lots!


Hermana Brittany Polatis



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