Weekly letter 8.19.2013: Miracles!


Dear Family,


So I didn´t get transfered and my companion didn´t get transfered either. But those Elders! So they call us and say Hermanas we have transfers for you! Hermana Ibarra va a Cerro de Pasco (which is an area that no one wants because it is freezing cold). But yeah we were freaking out and then they say no Hermana. No hay cambios! The Elders in my area like to mess around with us a lot. I never know when they are actually telling the truth.


Also guess what! We had 3 baptisms this week. Sandy (20 years old), Andree (18), and Harold (15). We baptised a family! Their mother is a member but works every single day. She didn´t come to the baptism. So the day of the baptism we go to their house to pick them up. Sandy and Harold were there but Andree had left. They didn´t know where he went and he hadn´t said anything to anyone! We were really sad thinking that he bailed out and didn´t want to get baptised. We really wanted them all to get baptised together. So we couldn´t do anything about it and he doesn´t have a phone so we left and went to the church. Our district leaders were there and they were like where is Andree and we explained to them that we didn´t know where he was. So they left and we started the baptism service. They are about to get baptised and in walks Andree with the Elders! They went out to find him and found him in the internet. Seriously! Its a miracle! Plus I have awesome district leaders! Andree said that he forgot about the baptism but I am not so sure how true that is. A lot of people are scared to get baptised. The opposition works hard on them to back out and make them fear. But in reality, there is really nothing better that they could do for themselves than to be washed of all sin and recieve the holy ghost. President Henderson was also there with his wife because he was in town doing interviews with the members because there is no stake president here to interview.


After the baptism Hermana Henderson ate lunch with us in our pension and went out tracting with us while her husband was in his meetings. It was really fun to have her go with us. Her spanish is getting a lot better. She can´t say a lot but can understand a lot. She is really great. She reminds me of you mom! Ha ha we taught this lady named Lurdis. She is 70 years old and had been investigating the church since 2009. Her Daughter is a member. But Stopped coming because she felt too pressured to get baptised. She feels like she doesn´t know enough. So we go to visit and she keeps falling asleep and then jolting back awake! ha ha Its like what do we do! And so Hermana Henderson gives her peppermint candies to suck on to help keep her awake. It was a super funny lesson because its like your talking and then she starts falling sleep and then its like do I keep talking or stop or what?! ha ha

So thats my week! I love all lots and lots.

Thanks for all your letters and love!




Hermana Brittany Polatis



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