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Weekly Letter 9.30.2013: Mi primera hija





Dear Family,


So President called me last Monday night to tell me that I was going to be training and that I would be traveling to Huancayo the next day to go to a training and pick up my new comp. So I have my first daughter as we call them in the mission. Her name is Hermana Valderrama. She is from Peru. She is the only member in her family and was baptised at 16 years old. She is 20 years old and almost 21 this month. It has been pretty interesting changing from jr. comp. to trainer. But as Nathan told me once in his letters. You realize that you are a lot more capable than you think. So far it has been going pretty good. Sometimes it feels a little stressful making all the decisions but everyday I am getting more and more used to it.


This week we started teaching my pensionista´s nephew. He is 8 years old and the funniest thing ever. Sometimes he says things in such an adult like manner that it kinda freaks me out. I normally don´t really like teaching children because they don´t pay attention but he pays complete attention and always asks intelligent questions. We are preparing him to be baptised Oct. 12. Tarma is known for the slow progress or no progress of investigators but we are always finding miracles. I am learning more and more every transfer. I can´t believe I have 7 months in the mission! Time is flying by faster every month. When time flys it makes you realize that you can´t waste time. It makes you work harder.


Today everything is shut down is Tarma. Its called Paro. Its super wierd. There are no taxis… no cars.. Nothing is open. But luckily I am able to write to you. I don´t really understand why. It’s some kind of workers strike? So we will probably just go back to our apartment because nothing is open and we can´t really go anywhere.


Anyways… make your day great!




Hermana Brittany Polatis




Weekly email 9.23.2013: unexpected happenings…baptism almost impossible


Dearest Family,

So I had an eventful week! So transfers are tomorrow and so we weren´t expecting to happen what happened. On Thursday, after our district meeting, we were with our zone leaders getting supplies and stuff when they get a call that Hermana Ibarra is getting transfered to La Merced and to pack her things as quickly as possible because she is to leave in 2 hours. So we rush back to our apartment to pack everything up and send her off and find someone to accompany me. Hermana Perez came to replace her. But her mission is Bolivia, la paz and she just got her visa. So she was with me until Sunday and left for Bolivia. We had a really good three days together. I feel like when I get along really good with someone God takes them away from me. Probably because we end up talking too much… ha ha. Right now I am with a member, named Kenya, until my new companion arrives. There are 10 new hermanas coming in tomorrow.

We had a baptism this week too. Jordan got baptised but it almost didn´t happen. I feel like every time we have baptisms something crazy, stressful happens. Making me freak out. So he was super excited to get baptised and we were in contact with him everyday. He went with us to the church activity the night before his baptism. Normal and excited. He is super shy with the members and it’s kinda funny because I make him talk to people. But anyway we told him multiple times that we would be at his house at 4:30 to pick him up because his baptism was at 5 and that he needed to be all ready to go. So Hermana Perez and I get there and his dad tells us that he is not there. I almost had a panic attack! What!? And not to mention that he left his cell phone at home and went to play ball with his friends. But he told his dad that he would be back at 3. So we sat in his house waiting very impatiently for him and praying. I felt assured that everything would be ok but I still felt really worried and stressed out. Everyone would be in the chapel waiting! At 5 he finally walks through the door! woohoo! But then he takes 20 minutes to get ready… We asked what happened!? He said that he was really a little discouarged. We go out and it’s raining and we can´t find a taxi and so we start walking but finally find a taxi! We get there and Jordan is feeling kinda scared so we end up talking to him for like half hour with not very much luck. He wouldn´t say yes or no to baptism. Finally our Branch President takes him aside and into his office for another half an hour. We went upstairs to pray, feeling a little stressed and discouraged. I felt like it was my fault and that he wasn´t ready. But they came out of the office and Jordan said that he was getting baptised. It was a really good service and the good members waited a hour and half for it to take place, bless their souls! ha ha. Afterward he was super happy and smiling. I felt relieved. The last thing we wanted was for him to feel forced to be baptised but he told me himself that he knew the book of mormon was true and Joseph smith is a prophet. Ha ha… The mission brings a lot of stress but in the end I always feel better! Things always work out for the best and God always answers our prayers.

Things are really coming together. Little by little.

I love you all lots!

Hermana Brittany Polatis

With Hermana Perez!




Playing hide and go seek with my pensionistas daughter. I hide in the fridge and she thought it was the best thing ever!







Weekly email 9.16.2013: oh hey guys….


Querido Familia,


I can´t say that I have anything spectacular or exiting to say about this week. Things are good. Yesterday we had a special satalite conference only of Peru. Peru now had 100 stakes! woot woot! And its going to have 3 temples soon. The church is growing! Here in Tarma its kinda re..a..lly….. slowwwwwww… but don´t worry we are working on it! One day there will be a stake in Tarma! But anyway, Elder Bednar, Elder Scott, a member or the seventy, and a counselor in the Relief Society spoke. One thing that I really liked is that Elder Bednar talked about Repentance. He told a story about a man that came off and on to true for years and hadn´t paid his tithing. But his son was going to get married in the temple and he wanted to be able to attend. So he paid tithing and asked for his recommend. The Bishop said, thank you for paying your tithing but we will have to talk later about your worthiness. The man was a little sad. What more do you want? I paid my tithing. Really repentance is a lot more than just to stop doing something or going through the actions. Its about the change that occurs in our hearts. We need to go through every step and most of all rely on our savior, Jesus Christ. Every single one of us is goinng through the same process faith, repentance, baptism, and recieving the holy ghost. Or as members the renewing our covent of baptism every week in sacrament meeting and we recieve the holy ghost once again to accompany us. I never really thought of myself as going through the same process as the people I teach but really its a constant process that I will through all my life. That we will all go through.


We were supposed to have baptism of our little joven friend Jordan that is 16 years old this saturday, but with the conference being in the morning he couldn´t come because he has classes in the mornings. Thats my other question! What is with Peru having classes on Sundays. There are a lot of schools here that have classes and activities on Sundays. bah… It kinda makes me mad because yesterday we visited this family that is less active but trying to be active again. They couldn´t come to church because there was a meeting for parents in the school of one of their kids. And if they don´t show up to the meetings, they have to pay 20 soles. They are too poor to able to pay the money and so they have to go. It makes me sad that whole nations are forgetting the sabbath. Almost everyone declares to be religous here and everyone has their paintings of Jesus on the wall but they don´t live his commandments. But yeah Jordan will get baptised this next week. He is super cool. I can see the conversion in him. I love you all lots!


Con mucho amor,


Hermanita Brittany Polatis



Walking up to waterfalls and getting soaked!


P day in the jungles of Peru. This locito monkey was trying to bite my elbow skin. All I wanted was a picture with him but he starting attacking me.



Weekly Letter 9-9-2013: sooo nice….


Dear Familia!


Wow lots of good and bad news. Keshia is having a girl! And wow I can´t imagine what it would be like if my companion died. I don´t think I would be able to stay in the mission. I am sorry to hear about all the deaths going on in the community. I hope things get better.


This week I went on divisions for 2 days with a member. My companion went to Huancayo for a training because she is one of the Leaders for the sisters in the mission. I got a little taste of what it is going to be like to be a trainer. There are 10 new sister missionaries coming this next transfer so my time is coming. Ha ha oh no! But it is pretty hard trying to explain everything to someone that pretty much knows nothing about the mission. So I was with this member, Kenya. We had been walking for hours with no luck. All our appointments fell through. We showed up at the front door of one investigator but with no luck. She wasn´t home. I really needed to sit down for a few minutes with all the non stop walking. So there we were…. sitting on the side of the road. Looking homeless and wind blown. When out comes this family that Kenya knows. We started talking and all. Talking to Kenya afterward, I found out they they are an inactive family that lived in the other branch but moved into our area. We visited them to find out that they have been going through some really difficult things. And her son had slipped into extreme depression. They were super faithful in the church before the past year had taken its toll. She talked to us for like 2 hours and we missed our other appointment but it was probably one of the best, most emotional appointments I have ever had. I have realized a lot being on the mission. I have realized that I don´t really do the work. Sure we walk all day and study and practice. But God is the one that puts people in your path. There was reason why I needed to sit down for a minute, a reason that we stayed in that street and it was to find that family. God is mindful of his people. He doesn´t forget about us when we fall away. He will always send someone to help us come back. And this Sunday was the first time in a year that they have come to church. There is always light after the darkness. We are not just here to baptize but there is a lot more. In Tarma the baptisms are really low but what we are really working on is the less active members here. More than half the branch is less active. Sometimes it feels like we are getting no where. But its little by little. People don´t change overnight.


Love you all lots!

¡se cuida! (take care)




Hermana Brittany Polatis


Weekly letter 9-2-2013


Mi querido familia!


¿como están? This week didn´t quite go as sucessful as the last but hey thats the mission. On Monday we had a multizone P-day with the President and his wife and Tuesday morning, bright and early, we had a conference. One thing that my mission that I like is that every month we are going to memorize scriptures. For P-day we went to all these really cool waterfalls and I got to hold a monkey! They have this monkey for tourists that they have tied to this chair. Well I wanted a picture with him and he jumped on me and wrapped his arms and legs around me and was trying to bite my elbow. I will have to send a picture because its pretty funny. I was kinda freaking out a little! When we were hiking up to the waterfalls it started pouring rain. We all got super soaked but it was fun. The raining season is starting here. And when it rains here, it pours. The streets flood with giant puddles and taxi´s zoom by splashing you with mud and water. But luckily the last few days it has been clear and cloudless!


It was kinda hard to get back to work after going to La Merced. It really takes a toll a you to switch from a dry, cold climate with super high elevation to a lower elevation that is hot and humid. Our investigator that is progressing the most towards baptism is named, Jordan. He is 16 or 17 years old. I forgot ha ha. But he was going to get baptised last year but felt really pressured. So we are reteaching him all the lessons. Yesterday he came to church with us and it bieng fast and testimony meeting was trying to get me to bear my testimony. Its your turn! But I speak every month in the branch so I decided to give the opportunity to the members. Jordan is really cool, has a testimony of the Book of Mormon and is going to get baptised, Hopefully, 14th of September. The problem is that there aren´t really a lot of young men and women in the ward. Its been really hard to get our recent converts Harold and Andree to come to church! But we are working on it! The branch is really weak here and a big part of our responsibility here is to strength the branch and the members here!


Got to go! Out of time. Love you all lots!


Hermana Brittany Polatis


Weekly Letter 8.27.2013: oooooooooohhhhh yeah!


Dear Family,


This week we really turned things around! What a week! So after we had our baptisms last Saturday I was really happy but at the same time a little discouaraged because none of our other investigators are really progressing and we can never find them, our appointments always fall through. We haven´t found a lot of new investigators these past few weeks so we went into this last week determined to find lots of new investigators and we did! We found 12 new investigators this week, which is a miracle! Especially here is Tarma because the people here are a little bit more hard hearted and I swear everyone is catholic. We also had a super good week because we also had more lessons than I have ever had in a week. It’s wierd how things work in the mission. Some weeks are amazing and everyone lets you in their door and then the next week you get rejection after rejection. But all the same you keep going.


We also had a surprise visit from the sister coordinators. Right now in the mission there are a lot more sisters coming in so they have called 2 sister coordinators. One of them is my old companion, Sister Soliz. It really lifted my spirits to see my old companion and have other Hermanas around. We are the only Hermanas in our zone which gets pretty boring. They helped us clean out our apartment and then we went out on divisions. I went out with an Hermana named Hermana Bazan. We were looking for the house of a contact that we contacted the other day in the street but were not able to find him. All I knew is that his house was blue with 2 floors. We went down the street to find no blue houses, but this lady comes out of her house asking who we were looking for. She didn´t recognize the name but thought that we were looking for her. Come to find out she is a less active member of the church. She hasn´t been able to come to church since her husband passed away and works Sundays to pay the bills. She has been really struggling and going through a lot of dificulities since her husband passed away. She pretty much cried the whole time that we were there and we were able to answer her prayers. She really needed us in that moment and I know that God sent us to her. Sometimes plans and appointments fall through for a reason. From this experience I have gained a stronger testimony of the holy spirit and that this is God´s work. He will lead us where we need to go sometimes with out us even knowing it. So I spent the day with Hermana Bazan and in the evening I went out with Hermana Soliz! Oh how I have missed my old companion! I learned a lot from going out on divisions. Sometimes we get in a routine of teaching lessons and not people and teaching with them helped me realize that we need to work harder to find the needs of our investigators.


Make your week good! I love you all! Thanks for all the Dear Elders! I finally got a big stack that Lima East Mission forwarded to me! I am now on my way to La Merced for a multizone P day and tomorrow we are having a conference with President Henderson.


Con mucho amor,


Hermana Polatis

Weekly letter 8.19.2013: Miracles!


Dear Family,


So I didn´t get transfered and my companion didn´t get transfered either. But those Elders! So they call us and say Hermanas we have transfers for you! Hermana Ibarra va a Cerro de Pasco (which is an area that no one wants because it is freezing cold). But yeah we were freaking out and then they say no Hermana. No hay cambios! The Elders in my area like to mess around with us a lot. I never know when they are actually telling the truth.


Also guess what! We had 3 baptisms this week. Sandy (20 years old), Andree (18), and Harold (15). We baptised a family! Their mother is a member but works every single day. She didn´t come to the baptism. So the day of the baptism we go to their house to pick them up. Sandy and Harold were there but Andree had left. They didn´t know where he went and he hadn´t said anything to anyone! We were really sad thinking that he bailed out and didn´t want to get baptised. We really wanted them all to get baptised together. So we couldn´t do anything about it and he doesn´t have a phone so we left and went to the church. Our district leaders were there and they were like where is Andree and we explained to them that we didn´t know where he was. So they left and we started the baptism service. They are about to get baptised and in walks Andree with the Elders! They went out to find him and found him in the internet. Seriously! Its a miracle! Plus I have awesome district leaders! Andree said that he forgot about the baptism but I am not so sure how true that is. A lot of people are scared to get baptised. The opposition works hard on them to back out and make them fear. But in reality, there is really nothing better that they could do for themselves than to be washed of all sin and recieve the holy ghost. President Henderson was also there with his wife because he was in town doing interviews with the members because there is no stake president here to interview.


After the baptism Hermana Henderson ate lunch with us in our pension and went out tracting with us while her husband was in his meetings. It was really fun to have her go with us. Her spanish is getting a lot better. She can´t say a lot but can understand a lot. She is really great. She reminds me of you mom! Ha ha we taught this lady named Lurdis. She is 70 years old and had been investigating the church since 2009. Her Daughter is a member. But Stopped coming because she felt too pressured to get baptised. She feels like she doesn´t know enough. So we go to visit and she keeps falling asleep and then jolting back awake! ha ha Its like what do we do! And so Hermana Henderson gives her peppermint candies to suck on to help keep her awake. It was a super funny lesson because its like your talking and then she starts falling sleep and then its like do I keep talking or stop or what?! ha ha

So thats my week! I love all lots and lots.

Thanks for all your letters and love!




Hermana Brittany Polatis