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Weekly letter 8.12.2013


Querido Familia,


Estoy muy feliz! Because we are going to have 3 baptisms this Saturday. Woohoo! But transfers are tomorrow! I think that my companion is leaving. Or maybe even me. The mission is unpredictable because every time that I think that they won´t transfer me I get transfered! But hopefully not. I can´t remember I told you guys about Sandi, Harold, and Andre… But they are brothers and sister. They are probably the last people that I thought would get baptised. They always made excuses for why they couldn´t come to church and we could never find them at home. But there aunt, who came into town the other week helped motivate them a lot and we have been teaching them almost everyday. They also came to church with us yesterday. They have gained a lot more confidence in us and now that their aunt is gone still meet with us almost everyday. We also took them to a family night with members in the branch. Hopefully everything goes well this week so that our baptisms don´t fall through. It will also be kinda hard if my companion gets transferred. I am actually sitting next to Harold here in the interent ha ha… He is playing games.


Life is good and everything. There are lots of crazy people here. There is this locito that we always see in the street. The other day I couldn´t let him to let go of my arm! And then the other day he is trying to touch my face and was talking to my partly in sign language pointing to his heart and then at me. And then yesterday I see him walking towards us!!!! But there were lots of cars and we couldn´t cross the street and he was coming! And finally when he was almost to us we ran across the street! Me laughing and partly screaming in fear! And then him yelling after us. I can´t decide if he is just always really drunk or really insane.


Tarma is a pretty hard area. We don´t see a lot of baptisms here like in other parts of the mission. Sometimes we can only find one person to teach. But I have learned to look in the one good thing that happens everyday. If I focus on that one good thing I always go home happy, feeling satisfied for that day if though we didn´t have a lot of lessons and got rejected all day long. There is always one good thing in everyday.


Thats my week! I love you all!


Hermana Polatis



Weekly letter 8.5.2013


Dear Family,


What a wild week. So last P-day we got locked out of our building and couldn´t get in and the land lady went on vacation and our neighbor never came home so were sat in our pensionista´s kitchen, kinda freaking out because we called everyone we could with no luck. We thought that we were going to have to spend the night in a member´s home. But who… We didn´t go out to work because we were in our hiking clothes. So its 8 30 at night and we called our zone leaders. They ended up asking our neighbor if they could borrow their roof and from there climbed up the wall and over onto the roof of our building. Luckily here their roofs aren´t closed. There is a hole in the top and stairs that lead down because people use their roofs here to hang their laundry. So we got in! woohoo! Then we put our pensionista´s son through our bathroom window to get into our room. We was all too exited to be apart of the action being 6 years old and all. Then the next day after our district meeting the Elders locked us in the chapel when we were in the bathroom and left and we were freaking out! But then I saw them through the window laughing at us! They are all brats ha ha.. They always like to play jokes on me. Like telling me that they have 4 letters for me and a huge package! What really!?? Ha ha no! and then they laugh. They are mean but fun.


So when I got to Tarma we were teaching this family. Family Vasquez. Sandy, Harold, and Andre. Their mom is an inactive member and doesn´t want to have anything to do with the church. But then they were never home or busy and yeah.. but their aunt came into town this past week and she is a member. She has been motivating them a lot and we have been teaching them every night. They have gone through a lot in their lives and live with their grandfather, who is from a different religion. So they grew up going to a different church. They have all agreed to be baptised August 16 but they all have doubts about Joseph Smith. I learning a lot about having patience with people. Sometimes we just want them to accept everything really fast but what we have to realize is that to jion the church is not an easy thing. To change what you have believed and been taught all your life. But little by little.


I love you lots and lots



Hermana Polatis




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