Weekly Letter 7.29.2013:


Dear family,

Wow! Sounds like you guys had quite the adventure in Lake Lowell as usual. Ha ha sounds like the normal Polatis Family Vacation. ha ha…

This week was kinda crazy. All week people were celebrating día de Peru y día de Tarma. There were parties, people dancing in the streets in their native dresses and all. There were also parades and music. I got to see one of the parades because it passed through my area. Unfortunalty, we didn´t have very much success. It was pretty hard to find people to teach. Kind of a bummer. But thats the mission. You have really good weeks and really bad weeks. Thats just kind of the way things go. Our investigator, Rocio that was supposed to get baptised this week is still unsure so we have to put it off. They are tons and tons of less actives here too. We have been visiting them a lot but don´t seem to be making a lot of progress. I learning to have a lot of patience with people. Don´t you understand that this is your salvation we are talking about here!! ha ha. We really need the help of the members to activate these people. We can´t do it by ourselves.

I am sending you some pictures of my P day from last week. We drove way up in the mountains to these ruins. There are all these houses made out of rocks. It was really cold but really beautiful. There are still a lot of people that live way up high in the mountains in their little villages. They have their sheep and cows and basically live in mud houses. It was really fun.


Love you all lots! Thanks for all your letters! I didn´t really have time to reply to many because they were all kinda long. But know that I am thinking of you always and I love you!

Hermana Brittany Polatis





For p day we went to these ruins way way way up in the mountains. The incas always lived on the very top of the mountains. Never in the valleys. Thats why Machu Pichu is so high up on the tippy top of the mountain.


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