Weekly Letter 7.22.2013: Its hot and its cold… Our investigators say yes and then no…


Querido Familia,


This week went really well for my companion and I. We had twice as many lessons as we normally have. It was awesome! The Lord has really blessed us. Hopefully, we will be seeing a baptism in the next 2 weeks! In my last letter I told you about Rocio. We are preparing her for baptism on the 3rd of August. She is kinda scared and says it is really fast but feels that everything we have taught is true. She has a really rough past and has had 2 husbands that haven´t treated her very well and she is looking to change her life and wants to be closer to God. She had another dream too. But this one not so good. She takes her dreams really seriously. One day when we were trying to find her we met her son Luis. He has attended many different churches and got baptised in a different church but says he doesn´t know who has the truth. We were like oh wow! Perfect! Lets teach him the restoration. He is really awesome. He is really smart and is very teachable. He has a very firm and strong testimony of God and Jesus Christ. He acepted to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and acepted to be baptised if he feels that is right. Hopefully Luis and his mother, Rocio can be baptised together. They are our golden investigators right now.


Remember in Jacob when God says ¨what more can I do for my vineyard?¨ Sometimes I feel like that too. What more can I do for these people. You can only teach people and try to help them and be their friend but they are the ones that have to make the choices on whether or not they are going to change. They are the ones that choose to acept or reject. We have quite a few eternal investigators. And sometimes its hard not to feel discouarged thinking that you didn´t say the right things and not really knowing what more you can do to help. I guess it helps me understand a little more about how God feels about us. His love for us and how he wants to help us but we are the ones that have to make the decisions.


This week we also had interviews with our new President. He is super awesome! Plus I really love that I can talk in English with him! Sometimes I really miss talking in english.


Tarma is good. I really don´t know if it is summer or winter here. Some people say that it is summer and others say that it is winter! Its because the weather here is really wierd. I guess that it has been a lot colder this year than normal and it rained a lot this week which is not normal here for this time of year. But it is freezing cold in the night and in the morning but in the afternoon it gets really hot. I never know how to dress myself here because one moment I am sweating hotting and the next an ice cold wind hits us. I don´t understand….


!Siga adelante!


Love ya lots! Take care on your crazy family vacation!




Hermana Brittany Polatis



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