Weekly Letter 7.15.2013

Dear Family,

Ha ha mom I finally got the very first letter you sent to me. Apparently, you sent it through Dear Elder before I even left home. Well this week went well for us. I did up spending 2 days traveling and 1 day in Lima for immigrations. I got my license card thing to live here. And hopefully I don´t have to make another journey to Lima for another year. It was really wierd because I was around all of these north americans and they were all speaking in english. And I don´t know…I was just really wierded out being around a lot of white people, speaking english. It kind of made me feel really trunky because they were all talking about all the things that they miss from the United States. I actually ended up sticking with an Hermana from Mexico most of the time and talking with her. We stayed in a hotel, and visited the temple. We didn´t go in but went to the distribution center.
I am now back in Tarma, hard at work. Yesterday, I gave a talk in church about mission work. The president likes us to talk once a month in the branch about mission work. Our branch president is really good and so is our mission leader. Our mission leader helps us a lot. He talks to everyone and their dog and has friends of all ages. I never realized growing up in Mormonville how important the members and support of the mission leader is for the missionarys. I guess I never really shared the gospel with anyone before I left because all my friends were Mormon. The mission has been really good for me because it has opened my eyes to the world and the importance of missionary work. I have learned a lot.
We have a new investigator named Rocio. She is a single mother with 3 children. She is a reference from a member. She is awesome! She is progressing and reading the book of mormon. She is one the those people that are truly searching for truth. She is searching for what is right. She told us about this dream she had that is really cool. She said that she was walking along this path, way up in the mountains. But it kept getting smaller and smaller. There were also these really big boulders in her path. But then a man came (she said is was very beautiful) and lifted her up over the boulders and obstacles in her way. My companion gave her 1 nephi 8 to read. And we talked about the symbolism of her dream and talked about Lehi´s dream. I know that Rocio is one of those people that has been prepared to recieve us.
I love you all
Thanks for all the letters!
Hermana Polatis



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